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For Sale:
V-Moda Vamp for Iphone 4/4S

Will Ship To: USA preferred

I recently upgraded to the Iphone 5S and am pairing with Vamp Verza, so I have no use for the original Vamp.  This Vamp is a warranty replacement so it is only 6 months old and is in excellent condition with original packaging.  The original sell price was $650 and is still listed on V-Moda's web site.  This product is also no longer available new.  The unit works perfectly.  Only the Iphone 4/4s will fit perfectly inside the Vamp.


Soundwise, Vamp has no bass boost but the amp is tuned with a beefy, satisfying low end and the built-in DAC provides a more detailed, expansive sound.  Vamp should pair well with just about any lower-impedance headphone.

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