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IEM headphones <100$ w/ microphone

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I need suggestions for a IEM headphones that include a microphone. I will be using those with my android phone (galaxy s4 to be exact) and I also want it to include an answer/end call/play/pause button. I mainly listen to EDM music and I'm willing to pay up to 100$, please don't suggest anything above that. :)


Your help will be appriciated.

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Monsters gratitude are amazing for their price! I have a review of it if you look them up here on the forums.

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thanks for your comment.

I see they include a volume +- buttons, I assume they aren't working with android phones?

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the volume control wont but the center pause/play pickup/drop call should work just fine

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reading your review I spot two cons which are quite the dealbreakers for me- cable noise and being uncomfortable. for 100$ I don't think it's too much to ask to not have these kind of problems. :)

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cable noise is eliminated if you use the clip. and you can get them for around 60 dollars

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What I meant was, I am willing to pay this much in order to avoid this kind of stuff. 

A few suggestions I got were the V-MODA Revamp (which I rejected due to cable noise as well) and the MEElectronics A161P that I am not 100% sure about just yet. :\

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HisoundAudio BA100 has android controls and are rated well here.

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Are they reliable? they aren't sold on amazon (as far as I could find, as least)

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I don't have them but I have the Hisound Audio E212 and the PAA-1Pro. Both are pretty good built. They don't sell their IEMs on Amazon. You can get it here (there is a 20% discount):




I've bought from them before and their service is quite good.

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I don't think this site ships to my country, so I'd rather stick to headphones I can order from Amazon. Also not so sure about this brand regardless.
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After searching for a while (searching primarily for big brands), I found the Sennheiser MM 70 S might be a viable option. however I couldn't find any trustworthy reviews. does anyone care to share his opinion on this headset?

also, if you want to offer another headset still, you may. I am not yet 100% taking this.

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Still clueless on what to buy -.-

A reminder:

Need an in ear earphone, must have a microphone and an answer button (hence compatible with my Android), must be under 100$, must not have any cable noise.

I listen to EDM music so I pretty much think I should have a good amount of bass (unlike the a161p which are flawless in any other field I require as far as I know).

*drops dead*

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Alright, after doing some researching I think I'll go for the UE 600vi

However, seeing there are some function problems with android phones, I just wanted to make sure it is only limited to the volume controls.


can anyone who has these headphones please verify to me that it performs the following functions?:


Answer/Hang up

Microphone is working


in case you do own these headphones but do not own an android phone, please do me the favour of burrowing one from a friend or family member for one minute just to check these features. I will greatly appriciate it. I own a galaxy s4, so if you could check it with this phone it should be optimal.


thanks again, and I'd love for some feedback regarding my choice!

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The problem i had with these was that theyre super sensitive. Idk about android but they have background hiss with and iphone. I dont know if thats only for iphone though
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