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For Sale: JVC Victor DX

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
JVC Victor DX

Will Ship To: Anywhere

JVC Victor HP-DX1000 (Japanese Version)



Just purchased a few months ago from Japan for $850.


Now I'm always keeping it either in its original box or on a stand.


Great price for Top-Class sound.

An emergency just came up unexpectedly and I need the money, unfortunately! :mad:




Make no mistake this is a High-End headphone. Competes with the very best.

Definitely more balanced than the LCD-2. Which I now find a bit fatiguing and tight.


A Very Special Headphone!


Such an underrated Gem, IMO.

It's just Raw Fun with no aural compromises.



A 3D Layered Sound-stage, that is the widest I've heard in a closed headphone.


Highs are clear and Twinkly, without the tiniest bit of hiss.

Addictive lush Mids that are very addictive, almost hypnotic!

The Bass is as Fun as it gets, SO deep and satisfying.


While the Bass is so Full and Extended, it never overpowers, nor does anything else.

Everything is just Perfectly Separated and Layered. While never analytical in the slightest.


The only headphones that I literally couldn't take off. I seriously was late for my Flight! :L3000:


Pure Musical Joy.



Here's the thread for more impressions, comparisons and information:



The DX1000 suits me Perfectly. I will most definitely buy another one when possible


The Pictures are horrible. I am aware lol

Not the best camera or lighting, but its condition is New.

Can't find anything wrong with the headphones (except the wooden cups, explained below) or the box, whatsoever.



If anything you receive is different than what I disclosed here.

I'll refund your money fully!

(That applies for ANY defect I didn't mention whether Cosmetic, Technical, Audible, or whatever!

It does NOT apply to "I don't like them"  or "They don't sync with my rig" obviously)



I'll take care of PayPal, Shipping, Etc. (If I'm Shipping Within USA)



I personally couldn't find it cheaper than $850 excluding Shipping.

It is a great deal. I just need the money!


The headband, the cable and the leather cups are all as good as new. The Wooden cup on the left is pristine, but on the Right side has a couple of tiny specks. They are not visible in general, I never knew they were there until inspecting closely for this listing. They are obvious however if you are looking for them. 


If pictures are needed I can get them no problem, just everyone is asleep now in the house. lol



PM me with any questions or offers.


Thanks and Have a Wonderful day! :normal_smile : 

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Tempting... How come you're selling these so quickly?

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Hey, sorry for the late reply I didn't get notification!


I have been postponing selling it for a while now, still hesitant tbh.


I'm selling for 2 reasons, I do have a medical problem in my ear and I was advised to stop using headphone.

This has been the case for a while now, but I just love Mr. Victor DX too much to have the heart to sell him lol


But now I need to sell something to fund something for my daughter…so I realized that the time has come to part ways….FOR NOW! :)




Oh I will edit the listing when I'm back from work…but the headphones are older than written, a few months old now!

Again, it's a from last November maybe, will check. But yea it is NOT as new as the listing suggests!


Sorry for that!

Wrote this listing when I first decided to sell it, but I was enjoying it too much I closed the listing and kept it lol

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