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Let me start by saying this, I know there is a lot of hate (sugarcoating it) about skullcandy for various reasons(hell, even ive started to hate them). I know they aren't the best (or even in the top 5), but, I got the skullcandy cassettes for their design, they are exactly what i wanted.


Now, if i may ask for help without being BBQ'd,

Where on earth can I find a replacement cable for these? They have separate  3.5mm jacks for each headphone (they are detachable), so in the end, its kind of a

3.5mm Male > 2x 3.5mm Male cable.


Ive tried the skullcandy website, they have no info on these (the CA one just shows the name). Their "customer service" is total BS .

The closest ive come to fixing this issue is to use a "3.5mm male to 2x 3.5mm female" and use 2 3.5mm male to male cables. This will get really messy.

So, is there a way i can make a cable?



Please Help