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let us know how the k240 sounds if you get them.


I'm wondering if there's anyone who has compared the "made in Austria" vs "made in china" ones?  Is there a real difference?


and is there a big difference between k272 vs k171?

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I have heard there is no difference. If anything, the build quality has improved as far as I know.

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I just got myself a portable amp FiiO E6 and it has helped the sound of my K172s.  Now I'm much more satisfied. But still want to burn them in a little longer.

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Trying out my AKG 240 mk ii's today and WOW. Sound is responsive in all ranges. Smooth, clear bass. Excellent treble response and a crisp high range, but it isn't super full of bright sound, which I think some may or may not like. That said, I can actually listen to many of my favorite Miles Davis albums without any clipping of the harmon mute he is famous for.


Comfort was improved with the velor pads.


Only con is that the headphones should be branded as OPEN, not semi-open, because I can hear everything around me. Not a huge issue, but I might get a closed set (like the SRH-440s or ATH-M50s) as my next foray into "audiophile" class products. I hate that word. You don't have to be an enthusiast or a specialist to appreciate good audio.


Overall these AKGs are a solid choice and come with a spare cable and pads worth over $50 retail, so consider that as a good value added.


They will require some amplification to get the most out of them, but I didn't buy them for mobile use.

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Glad you like the k240.  The highs and lows are so crystal clear, isn't it?  I love the akg sound signature so much. I guess people either love em or hate em.


Still thinking of the srh440? I tried them but it just doesn’t compare to the AKGs Imo. But they're still great headphones. I decided to get rid of the srh 440.

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Maybe the 840s or something else. I did find the 440s uncomfortable now that I think about it.

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