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I only checked the store by my house and came up with nothing in the morning and day after. Was going to check the stores by Pasadena tomorrow but looks like there is little to no point now.



Went to 2 more yesterday. No luck. Of course, I've been searching around Pomona/Chino so you could still maybe have a shot. But after leaving empty handed through 6 different stores I'm probably gonna just check into 1 once a week to see if I can get lucky and score a pair.


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I checked Niles, Illinois and they had nothing. Anyone want to proxy me a pair for the purchase price and shipping?

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 For anyone in the Phoenix area, I just came back from the store at Signal Butte and the US-60.  They had a ST750 open box, but everything was in there, and a EB950.  I did not purchase either.

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Scored just ST750 here in Panama City FL. Also, if anyone has an extra BA200 that they are willing to trade for this, please let me know.. I'll take care of the shipping..



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Don't disregard the EB950. I scored two pair for 10 bucks a piece. These are a totally different animal than the lowly EB900. I'm very impressed. For reviews of this and the BA200 among other TDK phones by the great ClieOS check this thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/612728/review-tdk-life-in-records-eb950-ba100-ba200-and-st700-serious-business I still haven't opened the 2nd EB950 if anyone is willing to consider some sort of trade (with cash of course) for a BA200 or IE800. I am using the EB950 on my gym rig (2nd Gen Nano, LOD, E11) with spectacular results. :L3000:

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Found two NIB TDK ST750s at a store in Augusta, GA.  Bought one, think they're pretty fantastic (especially for $25), went back and bought the other.  I'm probably going to give the second one to a friend for Christmas.  Checked the other Ross nearby and they just had some cheapo headphones.

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So I've checked several more stores in DC area and it seems their electronic sections have been stripped bare. I think we might have missed it unless they get a new shipment in. I just opened the BA200 (was on vacation when I got them) and holy crap, they sound just as good as my RE-262, which I got on sale for $100. The sound is very similar, but I'm okay with that as these were only $25 and hopefully I can alternate to keep the wear and tear down. 

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For those in the Salt Lake City area, I went to the Brickyard T.J.Maxx Monday night and they had one TDK ST800 for $49.99 and one ST700 for 39.99. I didn't buy either one.

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Have yet to find any BA200 @ any TJ Maxx/Marshall

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Bought a Openbox'd ST750 in Frederick, Maryland for $18. They had a pair of EB950's that I passed up last week and was going to buy today but they were gone. The rest were cheapo headphone.
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I passed on some ST750's today. I think the BA200's are pretty much gone as well as any IE800's. I've hit all the Ross within 30 miles at least twice and the two closest to me probably a dozen times. I'm starting to recognize a few of the same people digging thru the racks (no doubt fellow Head Fi'ers). But I'm still extremely pleased I picked up 2 EB950's for 9 bucks each. This is definitely a very underrated 'phone. It got some good reviews (albeit very few total) on Amazon and was reviewed well by our own ClieOS but I think he might have rated them a little higher if he wasn't directly comparing them to the IE800 and BA200. I'd be interested in any others opinions who picked up the EB950 as well.

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Would anyone kind enough to ship BA200 (or IE800) all the way to India?

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Keep looking guys!


I've been checking the Ross by my office (Issaquah, WA) a several times a week since finding a BA-200 there 2 weeks ago and there's been nothing.  Today there was a BA-950 for $19.99 so they are getting more inventory in (at least at this store).


Having bought the BA-200 earlier I left the EB950.  It's stashed behind some larger headphones so send me a PM if you would like to know where to find them or would like me to pick them up for you.



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There isn't much in the DC area, but I did find Skull Candy Aviator HPs for $80 at the greenbelt plaza Marshall if anyone is interested in getting it. I put it on the bottom shelf where over the head HPs are on the backside of the checkout line.

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By the way, a friend got me a pair of TDK IE800 from one of the stores (I think Ross). I got a pair of BA200 myself and gotta say I prefer the BA200. This means that I've got a pair of IE800 I'm willing to sell for what I got them for ($30) plus shipping+paypal fee if anyone is interested. Only will ship to USA. Gonna post to sale forum tomorrow (need to get pics), but figured I'd post here first as people were striking out. If anyone is interest PM me.

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