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Originally Posted by ericr View Post

Poked my head in the local Ross and they had two TDK BA100 in stock that weren't there a couple of months ago. At $24.99 I didn't take them.

But it indicates there may be more TDK inventory hitting Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls in the future.


Same here. One pair of BA100's for the same price. Will check back occasionally but not holding my breath for any BA200's. I would buy some spare EB950's if they showed up though. Hands down the best deal I've ever gotten for an truly unsung IEM.  

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Still two BA100's in stock. Price is now 16.99. I'm kinda tempted because I love my EB950's that I got for 9.95 (minus my senior discount) so much. Somebody talk me out of getting a pair. Maybe I should jump on the Ivery IS-1 or Xiaomi Piston bandwagons instead. :tongue_smile:

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I love the BA200. I would be interested to know if the BA100 is any good. I went into two different Ross stores in the last two weeks (moved to Portland, I was hoping to find some here since I bought out all of the stores in Phoenix), but no luck.
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At $16.99 you could take one for the team, buy a pair, and post your impressions (esp. in contrast to the EB950).


Oops, sorry. I was supposed to talk you *out* of buying them!

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They've been reviewed here by none other than our own ClieOS and he liked them...just not as much as the EB950 or BA200.




His conclusion is that at the (then) street price of about 50 bucks they are a solid choice but that the 950 and 200 are "knock out" values. So I would say at 17 bucks I should probably try a pair. Maybe I'll leave it up to the universe and IF they're still there next Tuesday for "Senior Discount Day" I'll pick up a pair and try them out.  LOL

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Someone please educate me. I don't own IEMs but have a Ross store right around the corner. Are these expensive IEMs dropped to nothing, or are they just okay IEMs for say $20-$40- dollars. Also, do they ever have any good full size headphones? Thanks for your know and another place to spend money I don't have.

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This time last year TDK was discontinuing several IEMs and much of the inventory ended up in the Ross stores across the USA. $200+ headphones were going for $25 to $35.

I'm pretty sure all of.the TDK IEMs are long gone, but it couldn't hurt to check. The BA-200 & IE-800 were the best, followed by the EB-950.

Most everything else Ross had last year was not worth owning or not a very good deal.

Tomorrow I'll try to get away from work for a bit and look at what's at the Ross down the street from my office.
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I haven't seen anything good there in a while. I was lucky enough to get the BA-200s for very cheap!

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Nothing of interest at my local Ross this year. They have about a third the inventory this year as compared to last.
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Just stopped by my Ross and they had two pair of TDK IEM's. The EB320 (I think, not sure because I didn't have my reading glasses...hey don't laugh, I get a 10% discount on Wednesdays) for $6.99 and the EB760 for $7.99. Grabbed the 760 but haven't listened to it yet. I hope I'm not terribly disappointed after getting two EB950's and an IE800 last year. 

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