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Wanted: Wanted:white/orange Koss Porta Pro

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£1 (GBP)
send a PM to take the next step.

Wanted:white/orange Koss Porta Pro

Will Ship To: Anywhere

As per the title, I'd like to buy a pair of white/orange Koss Porta Pro so I can make myself a black/orange pair to match my Tera Player. 


Seems they're available in Scandinavia for around £30 (300 NOK or 400 SEK) but I don't know where's a reputable place to shop and maybe a native has seen them cheaper, or even has a pair sitting unused?


If you are in the area any help would be appreciated



Edit:  I've had a post Christmas sanity check and paying £50+ for a cosmetic upgrade makes no sense, so now just looking for a used pair.  Unless you have an unwanted present and can send them to the UK cheaper than a retailer?  Let me know :smile_phones: 

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Wow, I can't help you, but those are sexy.  I'm in for a pair if someone wants to ship to the US.  :L3000:

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That's them.  I'm not seeing any option to send them to the UK though and I've no idea if they're a reputable seller (it's a big site and they have a physical shop so they probably are, but you can't beat first hand experience...)


Thanks for trying :happy_face1:

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Hi, you could try this link: or


If you dont get any luck, send me a PM.


Happy hunting...



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they look so delicious.

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they can be found here :

Let me know if I can help you further..

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Originally Posted by toears View Post

Let me know if I can help you further..


 I can't even get past the pop-up.  I don't know which option to choose to close it, all I know is that it changes the price depending on which one I pick. :beyersmile:

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actual cans :


I see you need to create an account. And I can't use the site with google translate either.


You can create an account here :


I could do the above, if you pay to my paypal account. 


Then I just need your shipping address.

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You Can try
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This looks interesting. Can they ship to Singapore? I don't understand that website.



This is nice as well.


There is another all red one, not too bad.

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I've sent them a mail and asked them about delivery to other countrys. I'l let you know when i've heard from them.
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