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Need advice between 4 IEM's $150-$200 for Rock/Metal/Dub

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Hey all! I come here a lot of information and I chose AT's CHK7's a few years back reading everyone's opinion and now I'm looking to step up to a bit more premium headphones. I originally was going to choose JVC's HA-FZX200 or VSonic GR BE for Christmas but my wife received a Best Buy $100 gift card from her business and she asked if I could see of there is anything they sell that I can get. I narrowed it down to:

- Monster Turbine Pearl
- Klipsch x4i
- Sony XBA-H1 (when Best Buy gets them in a week or two)

I listen to primarily hard rock and metal but for some reason I appreciate the low rumbles of bass and enjoy earthquakes in my ear when I listen to electronic music along the likes of Celldweller and others. I don't listen to orchestra much but do enjoy it from time to time and I definitely don't care about country or hip-hop/rap. I want great, impacting bass but also good mids/treble on metal where the bass isn't over assaulting in that type of music.

If I had to say what's most important is whatever makes metal sound awesome with impact bass and great mids & treble. Not sure if those three meet the criteria or if I should stick with getting the JVC's or VSonic.

I don't care about looks, the way it looks on me or controlling the iPhone. Comfort is important but that's something that I have found can be cured by finding the right tips.

I appreciate the help.

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I guess I should add the Audiofly 78's to the list to consider as I didn't see those the first time around.
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I would suggest you check out the following IEM:


  1. Vsonic GR07BE (excellent...just got them. Can't go wrong with them)
  2. T-Peos H-100 (current IEM, don't like it's V shaped signature)
  3. Dunu DN1000 (brand new in the market with good reviews)
  4. Rockit R-50
  5. HisoundAudio BA100
  6. Hifiman RE-400



or check out these threads:





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Thanks.. I've considered the VSonic's and forgot to add them since I typed it on my phone. I was just wondering between the Klipsch, Turbine, Sony & Audiofly if anybody has had any experience with them and what they thought about them because those are the ones sold at Best Buy. If my wife didn't have this $100 gift card for Best Buy, I'd probably go with the VSonic's and I still may. Or I may just see if she can sell the gift card for $90 or something. We'll see
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What I gather from the reviews are that Klipsch's tend to have a muddied bass. The price to performance ratio of Sony's and Turbine is not good.  The Audiofly is well reviewed. You can get Vsonics cheap here with free world-wide shipping:



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Thanks for the link. I'll probably wind up going with the VSonic's.
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