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Hey all,


New to posting, though I've been a longtime lurker...


Had a question about the Ultimate Ears TripleFis were basically the best things I put in my head, so when the 900s came out, I was very excited. I have been having a slight issue with the left ear bud/cable...Sometimes if I move my head a certain way or move the ear bud/cable, I get static and the sound cuts in and out. I have tried plugging in to a bunch of different media - computer, phone, Mac based, Windows based, etc and it happens every time.


I called Logitech, who's customer service, while polite, was reading from their script and couldn't give me any helpful information. I had the 900s replaced, thinking that I likely just got a lemon, but the same issue is happening again. 


Has anyone heard of this problem? Has anyone had this problem? Any suggestions at all? HALP!




PS, also posted in the UE thread, but wanted to cover my bases!

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