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HD 650 vs HD 600

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yesterday was my birthday, and i got some cash and i need a pair of cans.


I am torn between these two. I owned a pair of 650's for about a week (sadly had to return them because something came up and needed some cash) and i loved them. The comfort was awesome, the sound quality and tone was awesome. Fast forward two months, and i am seriously considering the HD 600 over the 650. Alot of people have told me that the 600 is better sounding, better for rock (which is my main music genre) and aren't as bassy as the 650. The 600 is also 50$ cheaper (499 vs 549). I really liked the 650's but i am searching something with just SLIGHTLY less bass, the 650's had great bass, just slightly too much for me. I have been told that the 600 has less bass, but i am not sure if it is just slightly or a drastic difference. I cannot audition the 600, as my local Hi-Fi store only stocks the 650 on demo, and if i wanted the 600's i would have to order them in. I want to keep the similar tone of the highs and mids of the 650, but with just a tad less bass. I was also wondering if the comfort was the same on the 600 as the 650 (i would assume they are, since they are practically the same design)


My main genres of music are:


hair metal


stuff like avicii/etc


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well if u need to audition you can also try purchasing from headroom since they have a 30 day guarantee return policy with no restocking fee involved i believe. 


If you like it but think u can find it cheaper u can also return it after listening to it 

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