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Time to replace my Auzentech Forte.

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I'm completly new into HiFi audio equipment so i'm here to ask for advice.


I currently own an Auzentech Forte and my headphones are Sennheiser HD555 (50ohm version i believe), i mainly use my computer for movies, music and gaming but i don't really care about gaming sound but the other two i do.


I'm done with all the issues im having and everyone has/had with the Auzentech and i don't really like any of the other solutions from Asus or Creative (even tho the STX looks very appealing but still) so i'm looking for other solutions. I didn't know about external DAC/AMP solutions until today and after trying to find some info two external DACs / AMPs came into my mind.


One is the Matrix Cube and the other one is Matrix M-Stage HPA-1 USB, i don't know which one is better so im here to ask for recommendations, the reason of this two is because i can buy them in a local store but im also open for any other options about the same price.


Also, my idea is to stay with my current headphones for a while and upgrade later (probably next month).


Thanks :)

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So, anyone? i still can't decide and now also iFi iDAC would be another option i'm considering.


When i upgrade my headphones i also will buy an AMP since at the moment with my HD555 an AMP seems a waste and i guess the M-Stage HPA-1 USB seems the worst option of all 3 since his DAC is the worse?, but not sure how u can compare the iDAC and the Matrix Cube (being the iDAC more expensive).


Also i have a pair of monitor speakers i would like to connect to the DAC, is that possible with any (or all) of them? (i don't mind if i have to unplug the headphones for it to work).

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