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AKG K701 and K516DJ

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Hi there


New on these forums.. I have some K516DJ's which sound really good. They are closed and have a lot of bass in them.

I have a K701 test set before I buy them. I don't have any amp yet so can't run up the volume to it's full potential.


When watching a movie on my computer I find that the K618DJ are giving the same sound as the K701's, just which much more bass and louder (obviously due to the impedance).

The K701's may sound a bit clearer but is it worth buying them?


When I connect them to my stereo amp I can use the headphones on full potential and still find the K618's similar to the K701. I notice the difference that the 701's are clearer and more accurate but that doesn't make it better right?


Any thoughts on this? I'm new to this, convince me to get the K701 as an extra pair of headphones.

Ordered O2 Amp with ODAC already.





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What's your source? Because I honestly can't believe you don't hear much of a difference between the 618 and 701.


Actually, scratch that. The 618 is a surprisingly clear sounding headphone except in the sub-bass. So yes I think I would agree that it sounds relatively similar in the midrange and treble. But the 701 offers that airy, detailed sound you just don't get with the 618's- which IMO sounds claustrophobic.

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On the computer just a regular sound card.

On my stereo amp it's an Advance Acoustic EZY-8 it's a tube amp.

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What about the mp3 files themselves? The K701's are very detailed, meaning higher the bitrate the better it will perform. If you're playing straight from CD that should also be fine.

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I'm playing FLAC files and also from a CD I can't hear the difference

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