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Cavali Audio Liquid Glass VS Liquid Fire

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How does the new Liquid Glass compared to the Liquid Fire? I own the Liquid Fire right now, and want to know if the upgrade is worth it.



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They kind of target different users.  The LF is set your tubes and forget they're even there, with the LG you'll be rolling more than Fred Durst.


In my opinion, the LF had it's strengths (in that it was good all around) but when you hit a good pairing with the LG, it knocks it out of the park.  Right now I'm listening to everything from vintage orthos to K1K's to the HP1K.  The newest run looks very slick.  The only thing to consider is noise with very sensitive headphones - with IEM's for example or (slightly) Grados.  It may be worth looking into an impedance adapter if you plan on using those headphones as well.


There is also the liquid cobalt to consider as the successor to the LF and in the same vein as far as roll-ability but I have no idea of its future price point, form, or performance.  It's more of something to keep your eye on if you're specifically looking for Cavalli gear.


I should amend that I'm listening to a first run Glass right now, not the newest run, but they are the same other than slight changes like the new badge on top and maybe more legible faceplate engraving.


Full list of headphones the LG works well with (Click to show)
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Hi radiohead,

Can you recommend some tubes for my lg? I manly use At 3000anv, lcd3, akg k701 k240df.

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Hey Hiyono,


My personal favorite remains the brown base Mullard ECC32's, especially for the LCD-3's but there are many, many others.  Others like Dbel84 and Muppetface have probably done more rolling than I.

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