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Hey guys,


I am thinking about purchasing the Audio Technica Pro-700MK2's, and I wanted to know if they would fit Slappa's SL-HP-01 Headphone Case.  From what I've read, this case will be able to handle the ATH-M50s, but barely.  So I wasn't sure if the pro 700's will be too large.  The phones are approx. 91mm, or 3.6" deep, and fold just like the M50's.  Has anybody actually tried this out?  


If these will not fit, what headphone cases would you recommend?  I would love to use a case similar to the Parrot Zik's (without the $60 Price tag of course), where the ear cups go flat, while the headphones are still unfolded.  I'd would prefer that so it is compact, and not very bulky like a typical full sized headphone case.