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Differences between HM5 vs FA-003?

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So apparently the HM5 is a re-brand of the FA-003 (if you thought the NEAR-CLONE build was too subtle..), and I've been hearing that these headphones sound as identical to each other as they look. Other forum users state that the drivers between the two are different:


Quote from MP4 Forum:
 All I know for sure,simply by looking at the FA-003's,is that they are probably using the same casing...but your right,without a pair here to try out,I cant say that they sound the same or completely different...but speaking from experience with the way the B2's were originally perceived(looking too much like another Fischer product,but not at all the same),raz dosent use the same drivers/cables as Fischer,he has drivers made specifically for the headphones(iem/cans)that he sells.Hope that helped a little bit.

this, among some decals, are the only noticeable differences between these headphones but does that account for a nearly HALF decrease in price from the FA-003?. The HM5 goes for about $130 on Amazon, and the FA-003 for $230 on Amazon. Surely there has to be a reason for the $100 difference between the rebrand and the original? I'm really considering picking up the FA-003's from Amazon, but if the HM5 is truly EXACTLY IDENTICAL "internally" to the FA-003, then I don't want to regret having spent $100 more for the same thing.






Also side-question, anyone recommend a closed pair of headphones that have a very wide soundstage, and don't leak much sound for <$250? The FA-003's caught my eye specifically because of their apparently really good soundstage for a closed headphone. I am also looking at Beyer DT770 Pro-80ohm, ATH-A900X, and the Marshall Monitor.

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I'm hoping someone can help with this


Does anyone have the website address for the Fischer headphones?

I'm interested in the FA-003 ,as a gift ,for one of my clients.

I've searched amazon,but all that comes up is the fa-300ti.


Happy Holidays to all>



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Never mind-Got it.

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