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Hello everyone im new here ,i saw alot of u guys are pros and i would like to get some suggestions from someone who knows  about audio more than theory :D.

So i like to listen to alot of music ,also i like portability ,im in highscool so the typical carrying bag would be the backpack ,i use my Google nexus 7 2013 paired with my mw600 bluetooth heaphones currently but i really feel the headphone lost all they bass and good vibe.

I would like to buy myself a new pair of headphones ,i dont care if they are bluetooth or not ,im just looking for something that i can wear for long time ,walking(pluged in my tablet) or gaming (pluged in my pc`s alc 898).

Even though i dont afford high tech audio headphones ,i really like crisp sound and i tend to stretch evry inch of clarity of my current headphones ,also all my track are .flac

I want something over the ear or on ear i really dont knwo wich one is better or confy.

Also i set this money limit because in my country (romania) every price is pumped wit habout 80 to 90 dollars.

I currently own the following ,Mw600 (1.5 yr old )and the htc one headphones(no phone just the headphones)

Please recommend me something better ,i`m not a sucka for the beats high tones ,i really hate high pich sound ,but im not a fan of muddy overused base eighter.

So for anyone who wasted theyr time reading all ThankYou and im waiting for suggestions.