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For Sale: LCD-3

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey guys, I am looking to sell my LCD-3s because, unfortunately the financial gods are no longer in my favor.


I bought them from a fellow head-fier about a month ago. They sound fantastic. They come with the travel case, the single ended cable, a new balanced cable, as well as the leather cleaning kit, and the wood oil.


Only cosmetic defect I see is that the small plastic cap off of the left side adjustment is missing.


Asking $1500 shipped, I handle the fees!


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I think you're going to struggle selling these on here with the -1 feedback.
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Let's just address that now.


I bought these LCDs on here as well as the Mjolnir/Gungnir that I drove with from these forums. Then I sold the WA3 and 990s that I had before on here. I was given no feedback for the buys and none for the WA3.


Unfortunately, I had the 990s repaired, by the authorized repair center, and they supposedly put the wrong driver in them. I never noticed a problem with them and sold them to someone who only discovered this because he intended to re cable them. The buyer bought new drivers for them before even giving me a chance to respond and then demanded I pay $66 back to him. Given the cans cost me $450 and I only sold them for $200 (including fees and shipping) I declined and offered a full refund with return shipping at my expense. I never received them back and was left the bunk feedback. 


Is that negative feedback fair to me? You decide. 


I ship immediately and with a fast service the way I would want it if I was buying. 


Luckily someone purchased the Schiit stack and should have received it today, so hopefully that will garner me some positive feedback.


So hopefully your assertion that I will struggle is crap and you can go post that godforsaken drivel elsewhere.


(Apologies for the rant, however I am quite frustrated with the feedback system as the problem buyer repeatedly commented how he would "never again buy from someone with 0 feedback" as if it were a badge of rank you were born with. The above useless? post kind of set me off.)

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Okay. Good luck with the sale. Your price is good.
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