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For Sale: IC: Mint Stax Sigma (Norma Bias)

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For Sale:
IC: Mint Stax Sigma (Norma Bias)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Haven't decided I should let them go yet or if anyone's interested in them, so I guess I'll post them up and please let me know if you are interested in it :D


Up for sale is a pair of normal bias Stax Sigma

Overall it is in mint condition, it will come with its original box with the stand, full documentation with the plastic bag: Owner's manual, warranty card, and factory-measured frequency response graph of the specific unit.

The unit is one of the original batch that has the round, cloth-covered cable. Cosmetically, this pair has been well taken care of and the original pair of pads are still on there soft and tender, but the foam mesh has deteriorated due to age. The cloth-covered cable is also in excellent condition that it is not frayed. The frame has slight wear but isn't scratched, where the headband has a bit of wear and frayed a bit on the back side of it but still functional. It has been used in a pet free and smoke free environment.

Functionally, the unit has been tested on my SRM-T1S and SRD-7/mk2 and does not exhibit any channel imbalance or static. If the buyer wants, I can also sell the SRD-7/mk2 with the Sigma as a package.

It is also noted that this particular, as stated, being one of the original batch, carries a serial number of 00033.


Please refer to the attached photos for more details (sorry for handshakes in some of them), I have tried my best to describe the condition of it but if there are any further questions or any offers, please feel free to shoot me a PM!:) 

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PM sent

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I remember listening to these in a HIFI shop in Amsterdam many years ago. Fantastic.

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I use my Rogers LS3/5a traded Stax Sigma at year 1980 !!!

I own ED10 K1000 HD800 now. But I still missing my Sigma.

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