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iPod Touch users unite - tell/show us your rigs

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After playing around with a bunch of players - X3, DX50, AK100 - I am starting to come around to the iPod Touch as a good digital transport, especially now that iOS 7 allows relatively easy digital out.


So I thought I'd start a thread for iPod Touch users to share what their rigs are.


I am thinking of the following for my Touch-based portable rig:

- iPod Touch

- RSA Predator

- ATH-W1000X


Who else is using a Touch as their source? 

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I like iPods. I was having almost all from iPod 20Gb greyscale to the newest ones with all Classics, Nanos, Touches and even Shufles. They are not the best, but they are very good against a lot of players. Amping is a good, but finding a good pair of IEMs is better choice to make a good and portable combo.
Now i don't have iPod (currently using HFM601LE), but maybe i will buy newest Touch 16Gb (i was having last version but with 32 and camera) again later with some good (or best, lol) IEMs with remote control.

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hi i just got my first ipod[16gig] touch and am a newbie to it, iems and all. im hoping to use it often.any tips on iems and or the i-touch is much appreciated

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I miss my 64 gig 3rd gen ipod touch that I picked up for in sale (in the uk gasp!).  Got it for £179 new which was nearly a £100 off the asking price.  Sadly the headphone socket and dock socket has gone on it.  I'm carrying around a 160 gig classic and a clip plus for music.  Works but I miss the days of having thirty gig of music and 30 gig of audiobooks on the one device and just chuck it in the pocket.  Great interface, plays everything (flac apps now applicable) nice volume.  I'm seriously thinking about picking up a newer one as a replacement.

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I still can't call iPod Touch as a small laptop, interesting gadget, half-smartphone etc. It is one af the best players (for SQ at first) with bonuses such as wi-fi, video, apps.

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My main reason for going for a Touch-based source - the easy interface.   I listen to a lot of classical music and i recognize the albums by their CD covers.  So a visual interface makes it easy for me to decide which Brahms work I want to listen to, for example.


I am still trying to figure out an external DAC/amp for it, though.     The RSA Predator would be my top choice, but Ray told me it wont work, even with the new iOS.    So I am still looking.

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iPod Touch 4 with the Equ app + SE846 = Not bad at all.


iPod Touch 4 is not to be sneezed at.

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Cool rig, Sabatar!:)

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Originally Posted by Berkovajazz View Post

Cool rig, Sabatar!:)


Thanks, Berkova :)

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iPod Touch 5th gen (64GB)-->Lightning to 30 pin adapter-->sliver LOD-->RSA Protector-->silver balanced cables-->SE846.
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