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E 10 has slightly more bass than e30, and mids are compromised/less pronounced. E30 has more neutral/natural with balanced lows, mids, highs for the price.


E10 VS E30 in sound quality, E30 wins. Both have good quality.


I own E30 from one year, have used it in public transport, railways, gym Its damn tough and going strong now also. I say between E30 and E10, its E30 : the winner.


E30 is over the ear, more comfortable, light. E10 is straight down, a bit heavy, and less comfortable than e30.


But VC02 wins every IEM in 3000 range. or up-to 4000 range.


To put it,



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Update :


X3 and R3 arrived today, tested for 5 hours.





X3 with MKII and VERY WELL.


One word : Pure Bliss.


But R3 and X3 does not match up well, need some setting change.



MKII with X3 work like charm both in their default settings.

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Is there a big difference compared to your Nokia? Hows the UI?

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BIG difference. We both had same problem previously [SQ from audio source].


Now its GONE + Huge improvement in sound-stage, SQ, details, seperation, everything.


UI is good, latest V 2.1 


fast UI non buggy, fast scroll, good settings. MKII works like charm, I am sure BE will too. even with default settings, sound is like stage performance, 100% original sound. beats all DAP in its range and even beyond like IPOD classic/nano/5th gen[ listened to them today from my friend]


If you wanna buy X3, its the best deal X3 + R3 + fedex at 200$. Excellent service by mp4nation. 



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I know that deal is ending soon but unfortunately I'm saving up for a trip to kerala/chennai in April...bad timing :mad: 



I most probably going to sell the E17/Sansa/H-100 to fund the X3.

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Yeah sell em off, because well worth their sale.


Wow! you are coming to India :cool: You will enjoy :)


You will be fried in Chennai in summer :D

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I've already put them up for sale.


I know about those Chennai summer...heck I used to live there when I was younger. Fortunately most of the time I'm going to be in Kerala.:gs1000smile:

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Kerala is cool with trees, western ghats.


Try to visit Goa too :D  Goa + Summer + Russians 


Hope your items sell off soon at good price :) 


Now X3 and MKII together burned for whole night


no significant change in SQ, remaining awesome.



Difference between 808 and X3 is that


808 SQ is easy going and does not not give importance for details Good vocals. good treble.


But punch in bass is not present. along with details


X3 makes low quality recordings sound low quality [as X3 goes in details] where as 808 plays low quality recordings better because it doesnt go into details much.


X3 pros :


Excellent hardware.

Excellent sound [provided you have neutral IEM + good recordings]

Bass and treble can be tuned up without making entire spectrum muddy/muffled

Good build quality, 8 GB internal memory.

Good customer support.

DAP+ DAC in one device.

can drive 150 ohm headphones with ease max limit is 300 ohm.

Accessories : silicone cover, screen guard 2X, Micro USB cable and another cable.

High quality Tight 3.5 mm jack which can take all 3.5mm plugs without any loose connection


X3 cons:

Max 10 hours battery.

simple UI and buttons [UI will be optimized in near future]

Have to manually browse the songs if you have memory card inserted [as of present UI version]


Pro's are far more prominent than the Con's


X3 has simple cons and nothing major.


This makes X3  an easy and satisfactory buy.

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Thanks, that was an informative review:beerchug:

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Mini update :


now X3 bundle at 180$ at mp4nation.net


Now the sound seems marginally improved along with battery life.


Bass is deep, punchy, impactful. Super sound quality. Better than Ibasso DX50 [except sound-stage]


R3 does not sound good enough with either X3 or PureView. and its sound signature is kind of complicated. Sound echoes due to its sonic effect in the housing chamber, sounds muffled. Burned for 25 hours. Thats why mp4nation is giving R3 for free cause no one buys it :cool:



Build quality is like a concrete wall. Will last for 4+ years for sure :D uncomfortable as hell just like a concrete wall :tongue:

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