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"btw, ppl who buy that mp4nation deal in Malaysia generally try to offload the R3 to make up for the funding of their X3. 'Unusual' R3's for sales in our local forum these days."


meaning? :P malaysian mp4nation customers sell off their R3 freebie which came with x3?



if GS3 = sansa, the there is no point in me putting money on sansa because


808=GS3=Sansa :biggrin:

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Ya, like this one: https://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=3055252&hl=brainwavz


I don't think  808 (if=GS3) to Sansa is much of an upgrade in the non-rockbox mode.

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Now I am even more confused :(


What do you advice me to do?


not buy any DAP?


I just needed the sound setting like 'dolby surround' sansa has it? or x3 has it?

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I don't use the default android music app, I'm using poweramp app (which I don;t think is available for the Nokia 808) is quite good and can match the Sansa but I won't know compared to X3 or 808. If you really want to get something:D  then I personally would opt for the X3 since the E17 doesn't really improve the SQ on my GS3 and can be used as a stand alone DAC.

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Its ZIP or X3 for me


considering Zip only due to its price of 60$ shipped to India [Yes almost double its price]


X3 costs 200$ + R3 + Fedex

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Another thing about Sansa is the UI, it's terrible to navigate unlike PowerAmp. The X3 bundle looks good.


When I bought the Sansa from Amazon, I had to pay $18 shipping for a $35 product.

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Took a leap of faith : Bought X3 + R3 at 190$ from mp4nation :ksc75smile:


My wallet now has a deep burnt hole :biggrin:

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I would love to hear a review of them compared to your Nokia/laptop You planning to sell the R3?

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Yeah I am thinking to sell them in factory sealed new condition


Incoming review of MKII and X3

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Incoming review of MKII and X3




If you haven't already, I suggest you subscribe to the GR07 appreciation thread. Tons of info, reviews, advice about the GR07 there.

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hey guys..

in need of a good headphone?

i have some choices.

plz Convey ur opinions.

1. Sony MDR-XB60EX Headphones


Plz reply ASAP.

budget is around INR 2500.

Any other choices?

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 XB60EX , its a bass junk. Very V shaped, Mids compromised to large extent. I have tried it at Sony showroom. All products in XB series are like that.


Are you sure you want bass signature?


At 2500 Why not buy E30? easily available at flipkart. at 2500, great audio, comfort, quality [all rounder] Its more neutral sound signature, you will enjoy whole sound spectrum with it. I own it since 1 year and use it with Nokia PureView.


Else buy E10 at 2100. little more bass and v shaped frequency response.

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Thanx for the reply YoYo JoKeR.

I hear all genres of music..

I am having sony mdr ex220lp(which is good in my opinion)..but planning to get an upgrade.

Using for my GALAXY S3.


is SOUNDMAGIC E30 better than vsonic?

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If you are buying Vsonic in India, The seller is HiFiNage.com only. Their service is so-so.



GR02 BE is good enough. 




But I suggest you to buy VSD1 [Warm] or VC02 [Neutral] if you really want a Vsonic. In your price range if extended.






All Vsonic IEM have good build quality and good SQ with respect to their price. Only issue : Service by hifinage.


VC02 gives very clean sound. Bass will not impress you initially [comprared to sony], but you will get used to neutral and natural SQ of the VC02.


Extend your budget a little and buy VC02 [detachable cables]  or VSD1 [ over the ear/straight down]

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again thnx for the reply YoYo JoKeR.

i will look forward to vsonic vc02.

can u also tell me ur opinion about soundmagic e10 and e30?

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