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Apparently there is no need to get an upgraded class microSD card for Sansa Clip+. Above Class 4 is overkill:



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Hi Guys,


GR07 MKII Shipped on 2 DEC 2013, Received today 9 DEC 2013. [Sunday Holiday]


Quick delivery, in just 6 days from Singapore to India in free shipping cost.


Listened to them for 2 hours now,


One word : AWESOME


Though need to settle in, Chinese tag on cable says 100 hours burn in required. Right now its a bit sibilant and sound-stage needs opening up. build quality is just mind-blowing. along with sound quality.



Definitely an 100% upgrade from soundmagic E-30. Improvement in all departments :ksc75smile:


Full Review coming up soon after burn-in :ksc75smile:


I think I will just burn-in by connecting IEM to my phone and let it play the music. 


Is his method of burn in okay for GR07 MKII ?


Please guide me.

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Glad you like them. My best IEM, ever. I just listen to them normally to burn-in because I like to hear the gradual change. It's quite sibilant when its new. Took about 20-30 hours to reduce it.

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Zamorin, I need your help again mate.



I have decided to buy an Amp or a Player, because I am not gettingfull performance out of my beloved MKII.


which one should I go for? fiio E17 Amp or X3 player? or oters?


You have E17? right? how does it perform with R07 MKII?


Is X3 good enough for R07 MKII ?


There is an offer on mp4nation, so please help me out fast!



many thanks.

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Could you describe the performance issue of the mk2?...mine is the BE version.

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Well the same old,



PC drives more out of MKII, giving an pure sound which is : Deep lows, wide staged and full and surround sound [when used surround option]


with default eq, realtek software, no additional sound cards.




My phone gives out shallower base, with a bit less surround effect as well as less details.


I tested E30, same way. PC gives drives both of them just fantastic. but not the phone.

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That's exactly my problem. The Realtek on my HP 4400s (a cheap laptop) gives better SQ than my GS3. I bought the E17 to improve the GS3 SQ (via audio out, no USB OTG) but it just goes louder without really improving SQ. On the other hand my laptop paired with the E17 (via USB) gives me a bit better SQ than without it. So I got the Sansa Clip but it still can't match my laptop SQ


Given my experience I would suggest the X3 since it can be used as a standalone DAC with its new s/w update.


Your phone is a Nokia, right?

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Yup, Nokia 808 PureView


Fiio X3 player then? right?


Good enough with wolfson DAC?

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I can't say for sure, since I haven't tried the X3. A lot of forumers here were rating the Sansa Clip highly but I didn't like its SQ either.


Those sales will most likely be on till at least another week. Why not start a E17 Vs X3 thread to test the opinions of both their users here?

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Yup, I will do that


Thank you very much zamorin

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No problem, even better if you ask how the E17 sounds via USB on a mobile because I don't have that cable for my mobile to test and had to pair it via audio-out.

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I am not sure if e17 is compatible with nokia 808?


nd a player seems a lot more practical choice because of : portability, sound quality, convenience and a lot hassle free [For an IEM] Amp is not necessary?

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That's why I think now the X3 would be better choice. An amp is not necessary for the GR07 since its rated at 50 ohms. The X3 can power it nicely only that its quite pricey. If the X3 really is better then I will sell my Sansa and E17 and get the X3.


About the Nokia pairing with E17, I believe it can be done through audio-out, not sure about USB.

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I will cut out the amp,


About the player, how much difference in SQ between sansa Clip/zip and X3?


advantages of rockbox?



at mp4nation, X3+ Braiwavz R3 + free fedex at 200$ so i was tempted to x3

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Can't tell you the difference between Sansa since I haven't tried the X3. I haven't rockboxed the Sansa yet, going to do it soon.


From what I have, I'll rate it like this:


HP 4400 > GS3 =Sansa


btw, ppl who buy that mp4nation deal in Malaysia generally try to offload the R3 to make up for the funding of their X3. 'Unusual' R3's for sales in our local forum these days.



If you get the X3, I would love to know the difference in SQ compared to your mobile/laptop.:D

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