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bad post

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Extended price range :



LMUE have offer on VSONIC:


VC02 at 40$


GR06 at 48$


GR07 at 130$  [which edition is better? MKII or BE ? ]



Also, I can get HiFiMan RE400  at 115$




Please suggest.

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For me, the GR07BE sounded more full compared to MK2.


LMUE has been selling the GR07 for $130 for a while now. Probably you should wait a week or so to see if they have any christmas bargain,



I thought the RE-400 was only $99. I don't think $115 is a good price.


https://www.head-direct.com is offering it for $110, the extra $10 is for shipping.

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I mean RE400 is available in India itself from official dealer at INR7000 [115$ in total] no risk of import fee. 


But I am quite sceptical about its build quality. and no hard case is provided i presume?


GR07 from LMUE at 130$ + free shipping but along with risk of import fee.


hard case is provided with both BE and MKII?


are there any improvements in particular with BE when compared to MKII apart from base.



compared to RE400, GR07 SQ is better?

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Are you sure there is an import duty to India for USD$130? I thought it only applies for items of a certain price range and above.


There is no hard case provided with GR07s but I got a very good hard case with netted compartment for only USD3 from a camera shop.  like this:


Probably you can try a camera shop near your place


I think the GR07BE also improves the mids over the MK2. Other than that they are identical. Have a look at the GR07BE Vs Mk2 thread. It's informative. Note: My GR07BE hasn't even fully burned in yet.


I haven't tested the RE400 but they are supposed to be balanced. I just can't stand the SQ of balanced iems (like my Tpeos H100). Especially the ones that lacks good bass. GR07BE on the other hand has good quality/quantity bass. very good mids and highs. I can't ask for more. The only downside (and it is a minor one) is the soundstage depth is a little less than the Tpeos but the overall SQ/performance more than makes up for it.

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From: http://www.labnol.org/india/custom-import-duties/


"Also, you may import goods up to the value of INR 5000 duty free provided they are sent as gifts to you."

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But GR07 cost 130$ about INR 8000 :(


Another thing, what if GR07 break down, and i have to send them for warranty claim? i have to ship them to singapore LMUE I guess? Thats difficult as heck with shipping fees.



Only advantage of buying RE400 at 115$ here in India is that dealership will be nearby and replacement will be easy. 




is the link to their website. They are also official dealers in Vsonic according to them. But GR07 not offered for sale.

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I also own the E30, I really like how it sounds and love its confort.


IMO RE400 and GR07 MK2 are close in term of SQ but they really differ in their sound signature.

To my ears, RE400 sounds brighter and dryer than GR07 MK2 (I didn't hear

Natural upgrade path here would be:

E30 - VSD1 - GR07


Regarding RE400 build quality, you shouldn't worry, it's excellent. The only possible concern would be its cable durability.


My humble advice would be to wait for GR07 Classic to be reviewed here, they are already out and cost 98 USD.

It would be interesting to know how they sound compared to GR07 MK2.

Also go and try to compare them in a shop if you can.

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"VSD1 sounds 80% like GR07" is it true? if it is, then I am in for it



at the same price point


VC02 are being also offered at 40$


GR06 at 48$  VSD1 at 40$


Which is the best deal? or SQ


OR wait for New products from Vsonic?



RE400 Cable durability is a concern for me. otherwise OK. GR07 are OK too, my concerns are durability + warranty. 

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I got to test VSD1S today and it seemed to me like a good upgrade to E30 considering the price.

I liked its sound. Fuller with wider soundstage than E30.

Two things put me off though:

- superior bass quantity compared to E30 and GR07 MK2

- lesser confort. fit was an issue for me even playing with the adjustable nozzles


Looking again at your first post, I have to say that the RE400 fit your requirements.

VSD1s and GR07s do not sound analytical, nor does E30 for that matter.


VC02 would be closer to that but its SQ is nowhere near RE400.

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Well I Just love the E30's would like to have something similar of them.  I have doubts on durability of RE 400 [cable] I am not ready to risk 100$ + on it.


I like the base which does not overpower mids  and all round spectrum. clean sound , no colouring. Comfort, Quality, price I think E 30 does all of it. Just right.


I have had long time with these. I think I would like to try out something much better than E30.


vsd1 may not be a major upgrade over E30? 


All vsonics seem to have good build,cable,housings, plug.


so Its now :


1) GR07 MKII at 130$ [Ultimate within 200$]

2) VSD1 at 40$    [But does this sound surprisingly close to GR07? ]

3) VC02 at 40$ [SQ close to RE400]

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Guys how is Brainwavz R3 Dual dynamic? any light on this one? SQ?


Can an portable amp improve SQ  and give wider soundstage?


Player : Nokia 808 PureView

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If you love E30 so much as I do too, you might be disapointed at RE400's signature. It sounds great but maybe not what you are looking for.

If I were you I would also forget about VC02.


VSD1S seems to me like a suitable upgrade if you can deal with fuller bass and its peculiar fit.

Housings are bigger and best worn cable down (except if your source is able to switch right/left channels)

At this price point, they are hard to beat. I could not say how close they are from GR07s but I still found GR07 to be much better.

Again this is to my ears.


I think your best choice would be:


1) Wait for GR07 Classic edition hoping they use the same drivers as GR07 previous editions (LMUE should get it soon) 

2) GR07 MK2 / GR07 BE

3) VSD1S / VSD1 depending on your taste

4) Wait for the new VSD batch to be released on January 2014

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There is an nice deal here. This deal has an amp + IEM R3 + free fedex


I am in doubt that my source may need an amp. please help me out. my source is a Nokia 808 PureView. 




MY E30 sound fuller and wider sound-stage when connected to PC with overall improvement in SQ.


But when connected to the source [Nokia 808 PureView] , the sound is not full even if  best Equalizer and dolby surround are used. But the source can drive the E30's at very high volumes. but not with satisfactory SQ 


Is an amp required?


please help me out.

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I have the same problem. The SQ of my GS3 (which has a wolfsten chip) can't match my budget laptop. I got the E17 to improve it but there was no noticable difference. Connecting the E17 via USB to the laptop made a difference. I rather get a good DAP like Sansa player than go for the external AMP/DAC route.


Try this link for GR07 in India (I can't vouch for it though):



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