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Upgrade from soundMAGIC E-30

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Hi guys,



I need your advice here on buying a new IEM for myself, I have previously used soundMAGIC E-30 for about 1 year, and I like its sound signature and they are comfortable for me. But I think its time to upgrade.


How are VSONIC VC02 and GR06 compared [Both available at 50$]



My requirements :


Affordability: 70$ Max.


Sound Signature required: Neutral/Analytical/Balanced/Warm-Sweet


Current IEM being used : soundMAGIC E 30


Location : India'



Guys, I have also lost my E 30's largest silicone ear-tip. It would be really helpful if any advice on replacement tips silicone/foam and brand/type for my E 30's


Thank You! :)

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Check the reviews on HisoundAudio BA100. They are supposed to be good. The models from Astrotec, Brainwavz and Dunu are also good for that price range. Have a look at these comparison threads:






You can get these brands here :http://www.lendmeurears.com/


and about $5 for shipping to India.

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Went through the thread you mentioned. I am a bit confused, since there are many many offerings and I am not experienced. I need a bit more focused advice please.


Brainwavz B2 is out of budget other products are not an upgrade to Sm E30's SQ


Dunu products in my price range did not impress me.


Astrotec AM 90 and AM 800 SQ is not up to my mark.

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The Hifiman RE-400 is about $99. Probably they might have a discount for the coming holidays. It is supposed to be Neutral/Analytical. Best to check the appreciation thread of the particular IEM you are interested here for in-depth information about them.


I don't think it's possible for an IEM to be both Neutral and warm/sweet. You might have to narrow down your sound signature requirements. The BA100 didn't interest you?

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I am up for RE400 if it comes near my price range. Hisound BA100 would be okay if it has a very good SQ, but its still not a proven product.


I am sorry, I intended to write an "or" between Neutral and W/S


Went through VSONIC VC02, GR06  appreciation thread, I have an doubt here, will VSD1 SQ be better than VC02 or GR06? since some posts state that "VSD1 has 80% SQ of GR07"

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Check this out - 80% discount limited to 50 units only:




edit: Sorry, its an old offer.

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Its expired :(

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Update : increased my budget to 100$


Hifiman RE 400 available in India via authorized retailer http://www.hifinage.com at ~100$


How about Bose IE2 ? available from Bose India at 90$


Creative Aurvana 3 Can be imported from Amazon.com at 104$ Total.



Suggestions please.

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If analytical /balanced IEM is your signature preference then RE-400 will be a good fit, else the safer option will be the Vsonic VSD1. If you can increase your budget to $130, you can get the GR07BE, they are fantastic.


The Bose products are highly over rated according to reviews and active noise-cancellation reduces SQ.

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I am a bit sceptical about cable of RE 400 otherwise I am in. 


more light Creative A 3? Dual Balanced Armature based IEM, price is quite attractive at 104$


Are Brainwavz M3 directly comparable to RE 400 ? M3 costs 95$

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I haven't read any reviews or auditioned the A3 or the M3. What I know is that the A3 uses the same material as the GR07 for its driver - bio-cellulose.

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I had m3 for a year, they come with only 1 year warranty. It was my first high budget iem and so had no clue before buying them, but had to go with suggestions in the forums. I liked them while they lasted. Mine broke after a year. I bought them in India too, though I'm not there now.
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I think pristinenote has a high reputation for service in India. You can Google their website.
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Thanks curiousgally!  Thanks  zamorin!



Yes, Pristine Note now known as Prohomeaudio.com sells Brainwavz among others and Hifinage.com sells Hifiman and VSONIC products


Both are authorized dealers in their brands with good service


1) RE-400 @ 115$ : But I am afraid of their cables being broke.


2) Vsonic- VC02 @  55$ : I am not sure if they will be an full upgrade over soundmagic E30 which I have now.


3) Creative Aurvana 3 @ 104$ imported from Amazon : Not enough reviews/ track record


4) Bose IE2 @ 90$ Not a value for money.



and Black Friday deals are making little difference to international buyers [Customs + Shipping charges drown out the discounts]



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You can get 20-30% discount with free shipping (or $5, depending on the brand) from LMUE. I don't know if you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Just compare the price and see.

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