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Recommendations for fun, intimate IEMs

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I'm looking for IEMs that have an exciting, intimate sound. I listened to my FXZ200s after 40 hours burn in--I know they require more burn-in but they just sounded unexciting, kind of staged in the back of my head, and had distant-sounding vocals. I wasn't digging it. I'm sure they probably would've improved with more burn-in but I found myself liking my throwaway UrbanEars Bagis $35 earbuds more because they're more intimate and exciting.


Feeling like $35 IEMs come out on top after 40 hours of burn-in for a $190 IEM is unforgivable. The clarity in the FXZ200s was there but it just sounded weirdly distant, moving laterally a little bit, yet still inside my head and boring.


I listen to a wide range of music. An all-around IEM would be nice. I find recessed vocals irritating; however, thin, analytic sounding IEMs are equally as off-putting. I've recently read that clear/forward vocals are what cause headphones/IEMs to sound intimate. I'm not sure if this is the whole truth but when comparing my throwaways with the FXZ200s, I noticed vocals sound closer to me (probably because they have a not-so-great soundstage) and are a little more present.


I read through this entire thread on the CKS1000s and was thinking they might do the trick as the reviewer specifically mentions that he prefers them to the FXZ200s but the last couple of pages has a few people bashing them.


I'm not huge on sound separation, wide soundstage, or absolute clarity and detail. I'm just a guy looking to have fun listening to his sea of FLAC/320. :biggrin:


Any ideas, Head-Fiers?


Thanks in advance.


Edit: Thought it would be important to add that I'm not interested in IEMs that are designed for wearing the cord over the ear. Free-hanging cord would be the way to go for me.

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Actually I was avoiding the over-the-ear type IEM, so I went and got the T-Peos H-100. I didn't like it's SQ and it was very difficult to get a good fit. Now I have the GR07BE, which is over-the-ear type (it can also be worn cable down) and it's so easy to fit in the ear especially with the cable guide. For me the GR07BE is the best purchase I've ever made. It's a very fun sounding IEM with good quality bass and treble and mine aren't even burned in the recommended 200 hours yet.


Another thing. I have forumers thanking me for recommending them the GR07BE. I never got that recommending other IEMs.


btw, what's your budget? $200?



and have a look at these threads:


http://www.inearmatters.net/2009/01/list_01.html - scroll right to check the IEM type: whether they are fun-sounding, analytical etc or this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-300-iems-compared-jh-audio-jh13-pro-added-10-17-13-p-786

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Hmm, it's interesting you should say that about the cable. I originally bought the GR07BEs but, before I got them, I read on the review from that list that they're only over-the-ear. I was upset to say the least. Are you sure you can use them cord down? I've really only heard good things about them.


Thanks for that list with the extra columns, that's really helpful.


Edit: And $200 is my budget ceiling, yes!

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The GR07BE was designed as over the ear but they can certainly be worn cable down. You could also check out the Dunu DN1000. It's brand new in the market with good reviews. It is a cable-down design and less than $200 but going by the reviews they are more technical than fun-sounding.

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Welp, looks like you've convinced me to try the GR07BEs again.


Thanks for the quick responses, big help!

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Just to confirm that it is just not my ear that can fit the GR07 cable down, it would be best if you can ask it in the GR07 appreciation thread but from what I've heard they can be worn cable-down.

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