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Everything and the Christmas tree.

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I'm looking for headphones sub about $300 (more like 200) that can handle any music I throw at it. From simple acoustic pieces to dubstep to classical.

Things I'd prefer:
Semi/closed back.
Sound isolation.
Fantastic looks. IE those Onkyo that are coming out, V-Moda Crossfades, Grados, you know if it looks good.
No amp needed would be nice.
Detachable cables are a plus.

Inline remotes are nice. I'm lazy like that.

It to be able to last the apocalypse... I'm somehow a destroyer of electronics. Suffice to say, build quality must be at least decent.

Also it'd be great if they aren't super uncomfortable, IE the tightest fit known to man. Also I have a small to medium head and ears, I tried B&W (forgot model but the pads went around my ears) and they were good but the isolation was eh and I had to push them towards my ears as it was big.

Great sound with any genre of music.
Beautiful highs with no screech.
Clear mids.
Good, punchy complex bass that doesn't overwhelm the song. (Not a bass head, though bass can't be too lacking.)
So I guess my priority: mids to highs to lows.

Thanks in advance for reading this!

I'm currently looking at:
The Onkyo headphones that release this December.
Audio Technica ATH-M50.
Beats. JK. Gotcha!
Grado 80s.
A Magnum driver headphone. Though I'm not adept with this.
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AGK K267

Denon D600

AudioTechnica A900X

Mr Speakers Mad Dogs


Very best,

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Thank you for the recommendations smily_headphones1.gif they've been added to my list.

Unfortunately from a quick google search the AGK aren't very sturdy. They seem to match up to about every other request. The rest seem very solid though the Denons look humongous and heavy.

I'd say between your recommendations I'd go with Audio technica or mad dogs.
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While the Denons are big they are pretty light


I'd say Sennheiser momentums on a blackfriday special, or momentum on ears if you want bass heavy, the grado SR80i or SR225i's would be good if you want open or the Sennheiser HS558 or 598's

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Really recommend the Denon AH-D600. The low-end is quite delicious, and has enough visceral impact that it will bring a big grin when listening to dupstep and bass genres. Was just listening to Benton 'Reflections' and the Denon did them justice.


For classical I think these work quite well, but would depend on recording and preference. I think they perform quite well. I really think they tick off everything on your list. I even considered buying a second one that was going for $220 CDN. 


I bought mine for $270 CDN so if you can get a deal go for it.



The Momentum are also very good, but I did not like their closed in sound, with the Denon being much more spacious. I also felt the Denon had superior bass extension but I would have to spend more time with them. Neither AH-D600 or Momentum would I want to wear outside or while walking. The Denon have a very good transport bag, and they have been working really well as an office can with their excellent isolation and Apple mic cable.


And yes, they are comfy, especially as the earpads are designed to better fit the average earshape. They are an under-rated can, but to these ears I am completely satisfied. 

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*Nods* well portable will be my Klipschs I guess. You guys are really making me consider the Denons. Any amp recommendations?
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Amp recommendations? Try none :wink_face: 


Really, these are designed for use without an amp. I think you'd may benefit of a cleaner signal and better DAC, but these are matched well right out of an iPhone or portable DAP. 

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