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For Sale: Schiit Lyr and various tubes-CLOSED

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Schiit Lyr and various tubes-CLOSED

Will Ship To: USA

I'm selling my Lyr and my collection of tubes for the Lyr. I'd guess everyone knows about the amp. Incredibly powerful with enough voltage and current to drive anything yet it still has a nice elegance and remarkable sound for the price.

I've put about 100 hours on the amp. It works fine and looks mint. There's something in the head-on pictures that I can't see with the naked eye.

I've put some acoustic feet on it which seems to help some with the sound especially if you use it to listen at your work desk. They can peel off if you'd like.

For the tubes:

All are pairs and all have low hours.

The jewel of my collection are the Seimens CCa's. They offer the fullest and most rounded sound I've gotten. I paid about $250 for these and was told I got a bargain. They were, I believe NOS, when I got them. I put about 40 hours on them.

RCA A-Frames - These are the only tubes that made my AKG 701's sound reasonable to me.

Mullard CV2492 - not much to say about these.

The New JJ's that came with the Lyr, Barely used them.

Tesla ECCC88 - my next favorite tube. Not as well rounded as the CCa's but very pleasant especially on acoustic stuff.

Brimar CV2492 - A surprisingly decent inexpensive tube.

Seimens RCA 6DJ8 - A good tube for hard rock

Amperex - 6DJ8 - A decent tube with good middle range


I want to sell the entire lot as one. Not much up to breaking things down and shipping them all over the place.

I'll pay shipping and paypal fees.

Shipping only in the USA only because overseas would be too pricey but I would consider that.

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PM Sent. Thanks.

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Good morning,
1) Are you the first owner of the Lyr?
2) What is the age of the Lyr?
3) You have an invoice of purchase to send with the Lyr?
4) What is the exact operating voltage of the Lyr?
5) In which country (city) is the amplifier?
6) Lyr is dead in silence when noise when it works or has some zzzummmm or huuummmm?
I think this information to all interested, thanks.

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I am the first owner of the amp. I just looked it up on the schist website. I bought it 9/9/2011. I don't have an invoice but it's still listed in my account at schist so I might be able to get something from them if its an issue for someone. I run it at 115v. And I am in Jacksonville, FL.

I never noticed any hum with the Lyr. I tested it and the tubes before I posted the ad. I ran it through HiFiMan 500's and didn't notice any hum or noise that wasn't in the music and I like it loud.

Hope that answers everything.

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- If the buyer fully pays shipping charges to Paypal verified address, which would be the price of Lyr after subtracting the freight that the seller was willing to pay to send his country?


- What would be the cheapest shipping with number required for the city of Rio de Janeiro and the state tracking of the same name in Brazil: ZIP = 22210-050.


==> Please, it is only a request for information ... Brazilian money is worthless when traded with the U.S. dollar ... therefore beyond the freight should be absurd, it is a lot of money. Furthermore the rate of Brazilian imports is 60% ... yes! ...

So there is no rush to respond. Take all your time. Thanks for the early responses.

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