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Best Headphone choice for IPOD - Advice

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Hello there,


Back in 2007, I bought a AKG ( whatevery, Looks like K701 model , around the ear) for appr. 100 €   and I loved every bit of the music from this headphone.

Early this this year I got a Sennheisser HD **  ( not *** ) roughly 90€ as well for my sistre as gift. But after trying both my old AKG and new one she choose the old one .


It looks like I bought a cheaper model from Sennheisser.  Now I miss the old sound quality .


I was about to buy AKG K701, but the sales rep mentioned it may not be the best choice to use wiht Ipod as K701 would need a amp or more power to drive or something like that.


So now, can you please give tell me which is the best headphone to use with ipod classic. budget ( 250 - 400 Dollar)


My priority on requirement is


1.  Audio Quality.        -     clarity of instruments, details, Sound stage.


2. Built quality & mobility -   I am not a good care taker :(


3. Noise cancelling             -   Like that idea as I on flight often but I am not sure if I would need it. I am happy without NC as well.


it would be helfpul to have your idea or proposal or advice.


Thanks in advance,

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If you are willing to get an amp, you can go for AKG K712 Pro + FiiO E12/Objective O2 with FiiO L9. If you do not wish to pair it with an amp, the Sennheiser Momentum will do the trick

Hope it helps,
Billson smily_headphones1.gif
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You might like one of the lower impedance beyerdynamic headphones. My 770's are practically indestructible.

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