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For Sale:
Pico Upsampling USB DAC

Will Ship To: CONUS

## Note: 12/2/2013 - I have a potential buyer for this DAC and should receive payment within a few days.  ##


I have a *pristine* HeadAmp USB Upsampling DAC available for sale.  I'm the 2nd owner and between both the previous owner, and myself, this DAC has seen very little use.  The sound quality - and the build quality of this DAC, which is built in the U.S. is stellar.





  • Original Box / Packaging, etc.
  • Flawless high-gloss finish on DAC - no dings, scrapes, scratches.
  • Original leather pouch to house the DAC in, and keep it in when using to protect the finish of the DAC casing.
  • Serial #: 234 (listed on both the box and the DAC.
  • This DAC operates on USB power only - no need for additional power adapters.
  • 10" Short USB cable.



Price: $159.00 -- Includes Double-boxing, insurance, delivery tracking and USPS Priority Mail in the US.  I can ship out on Monday to ensure a Wednesday arrival for the buyer.  I'm trying some other components and will get away from PC-Based audio for a while.



Links / Information:


Here's a great thread in this forum on the pre-order and release of this DAC, along with the specs listed out by Justin of HeadAmp.


Also, this DAC is still being sold today through HeadAmp for $299. Link:

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