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Yamaha EPH 100 or others?

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Hey. Guys sry if this is a commonly asked question. I'm pretty confused ATM. I"ve narrowed my choice down to Yamaha EPH100. Is it a wise choice?
I listen to techno, lil classical, lil rock, pop, instrumental. I own a 598 HD SENN was not that satisfied with the bass. Clarity was good.

So, will the Yamaha eph100 have nice bass (not muddy like the studio beats) and also nice clear sound? Or I won't be impressed at all?. Thanks guys!
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Anyone awake?
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It is a great choice. I just lost mine and will get other pair. Incredible phones.
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In my limited experience - I've owned EPH-100 for just about a week now - they have excellent lows; They don't overpower/bleed into anything and, when the song calls for it, these things can still really rumble. They're also amazing in the way of instrument separation and detail in instruments/vocals. It's also worth mentioning that the treble's brighter than an Arizona summer (to my ears, at least).
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they're perfect for EDM, op

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Nice. So they are good in bass (not muddy) and also good at other ?( classical music, instrumental) the instrument will sound crystal clear?
Thanks! Just wanna make sure before I pull the trigger.
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The bass is clear and solid. It will satisfy all but the extreme bassheads. The only thing you might notice is the treble can be a bit bright on some songs.
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I will say this: The highs are somewhat detailed and are clear. HOWEVER, I listened to some classical recordings and also some string instruments through these (I produce electronic music and occasionally use strings). But the treble is different. It is different from other IEMs and feels like there is a very fast lfo (or vibrato) on the high end. These smooth out over time, but it makes the strings sound strange in the high end. The wood-like? sound that most strings have is very rough, not harsh. It just makes it sound different. But, for EDM, this earphone is almost perfect! The hi-hats have that nice sizzle to it, possibly owing to the super gast and high lfo.

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I am new to this forum, however I researched IEM's heavily on here before my purchase.  I narrowed my choices to the Yahama EPH-100 and Future Sonic Atrio MG7 Pro. I decided on the EPH-100's and thus far, I am currently very pleased with my decision.  I love they seal they make in my ears.  Historically, I always experienced issues getting earbuds to fit correctly. In my opinion, the sound has good clarity with a nice mild-to-moderate bass emphasis. I admit that I would still like to hear the Atrio's for comparision...


Additional note: I paid a little extra to purchase these directly from Amazon due to reading concerns about fakes in the market.

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