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Over Ear Headphone For PC - Trance, Enigma | Price $ 100 - 250

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Now that I decided to upgrade my audio collection to a new audio experience, definitely a headset is in search. Mostly I listen trance with good beats and bassline but I also don't want the other fading effects to be suppressed. This is really going to be a tight call. Below are few tracks for better understanding:


1. The Screen Behind The Mirror (Enigma) - Bass

2. Shadows In Silence (Enigma) - Bass

3. Traces (Enigma) - Effects

4. Offshore (Chicane) - Effects

5. Beauty Hides In The Deep (John Callaghan Remix) - Beats


I have a PC with Asus P8H77 m-pro onboard audio (Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC, 192kHz/ 24-bit True BD Lossless Sound). Unfortunately, my motherboard can't accommodate an upgrade to Asus Xonar or any other PCIe card.


Coming to preferences, the headset should not require a battery or charging. I don't want to use FiiO E6 or any external amp. I am good with over-ear headset but this is not a mandate. Portability and looks doesn't matter and neither the brand name. I am looking for only quality.




1. Bose OE2

2. Sony MDR X10

3. Sony MDR-1R - Good option but operates on battery. [Short listed]

4. Dr. Dre Mixr [Short listed]

5. Sennheiser HD 558 - Impedance 50 Ohms that might not work well on PC without headphone amp.


I thank all experts in advance who took their invaluable time for suggestion.



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The 1r doesn't run on a battery.  The 1rbt does.  The HD558 would be horrible for that type of music.  I'd go with the ATH WS99 most definitely.  They have reeeeally good bass and nice everything else.  I promise you you'd love them.


If they're too pricey, I'd go for the Fidelio L1, UE6000, or V-Moda M80.

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Many thanks for putting your experience. All right, so between MDR 1R and ATH WS99 which one would you suggest? I am reviewing and so far WS99 seems to be exceeding expectations, got complete faith on your promise. Ws99 impedance is 37 Ohms, slightly more than usual 32 and 24, do you think it would be bit lower on mobile? I guess on PC it would go fine for sure. Any final thought on both Sony and ATH or anything you would like recommending more?


PS: What about ATH WS77? No, I would not like to step down on quality but want to know your opinion?



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Final Thoughts: I'd only get the 1r if you listen to slower genres like jazz, or classical,since the 1r only sounds pretty good at low volumes.  They're overly dark and very mid heavy, a signature that's kind of hit or miss.  If they had good measurements, I mightv'e recommended them, but they just don't really compare well with the WS99 both technically and with pure listening enjoyment


The Ws99's bass is it's best quality.  I has bass not surpased by cans at prices below at least $500.  The mids don't get left out, and they are not recessed.  They are a little dark, but they aren't fatiguing.  The bass will not distort and its extremely fast.  Every can has its downfall though, and these I think lack a little in the highs, though for every genre that isn't rock/metal, these are fantastic.


They also have great build, much better than the 1r's.  The 1r has other problems like its really scratchy driver, the jack rattle, the air whistling sound when you wear them outside in the wind.

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I precisely want the tech aspects you delineated. Bass or one particular note of music should not compromise other but there should be no lack of bass either. It was a tight call but never thought would get solved so fast. Going to advise my friend to look for a deal on Black Friday else get them straight what they are available at.


A heartfelt thank to you for your time and helpful advice. Music in its true quality matters a world. Curious to hear the magic of WS99. Have a great time ahead.



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Your Welcome! Welcome to head-fi!

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Ordered ATH WS99 from Amazon @ $206. Can't wait to get my hands on it. This is my most significant upgrade exclusively for trance and music, and all thanks to @ Trunks! Otherwise I was all set to go for Sony or Sennheiser. I will be writing a feedback very soon.



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Can't wait to hear your impressions!
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The hd558 would've been a disaster in the making.
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Originally Posted by Trunks159 View Post

The hd558 would've been a disaster in the making.

Ya, I had the HD598 and had to return them because of lack of bass and I'm not even a basshead.

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@ Trunks159


Phenomenal !!! This is Exactly what I wanted. You are really a connoisseur when it comes to sound. Thanks a ton for helping me get best gear, it would be a significant elevation of my musical expedition.


I know my tracks and need not to wait for burn in period. Straight out of the box they are delivering the bass in perfect balance with mids and trebble without any distortion. Though would give a detailed review after 100+ hours of listening but for now busy making a mix that has been pending over months for a good headset.


I would highly recommend this headset for trance and music having subtle effects. Thanks again Trunks!!!

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Hah hah. You're welcome. The sennheisers would've been horrible. WS99 FTW.
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