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Can anyone comment on which insulation has better dielectric properties, and which is most flexible? (XLPVC will be 28awg 7/36 stranded, XLPE will be 26awg 7/34 stranded, both are tinned copper)  I only know that XLPE has okay flexibilty, (in comparison to, say AKG's cables) very good dielectric properties, and does not tribocharge, like PVC.  I've never heard anything about XLPVC.  I do know that the XLPVC is reasonably priced, ~$38 for 1000', but the XLPE is quote only, so I don't know if it's expensive or not.  (XLPE is cross-linked polyethylene, or irradiated polyethylene, and XLPVC is cross-linked PVC, or irradiated PVC, in case you know them by a different name)


I'm mostly looking for something that's not so soft and malleable as the Q701 series' cable, but not too much stiffer.  I find the Q's cable to feel cheap and get tangled easily because of how soft it is.  (not to mention that horrid green color has GOT to go)


Bonus question: has anyone dealt with Allied Wire & Cable, do they make good wire, and are they a good, trustworthy supplier?

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xlpe is better but not nearly the best. the q701 has a pe cable already. honestly you are wasting your time with this wire unless you just don't like the wire on it. there are much better wires to be had. allied is fine but you are looking at industrial wires not audio wires. plus I hope you are not buying 1000' for the q701! look around there are all kinds of cables for the 701/2.


I figured I owed answering a post since I just showed up and made two of my own. anyways, I hope I helped you.

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