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I'm trying to replace my old, massive technics stereo receiver with something smaller and more streamlined. I'm looking for something simple, preferably with a headphone jack on the front and at least 1 rca and 1 optical or coax input. This will be used to play mp3's from my computer. Here is my current setup:


HT Striker 7.1 sound card, Old technics stereo receiver, 2 polk audio book shelf speakers.


I currently run an optical cable from my sound card to the receiver, pretty straight forward. I have been reading about the following amps:


Teac a-h01
NAD D 3020
Emotiva mini x a-100
Audioengine N22
Nuforce Dia


The NAD and the Teac seem to be well reviewed and offer the closest connectivity options with digital and analog hookups, but they're a bit more money than I want to spend.


The Emotiva and Audioengine only have analog inputs, while the Nuforce only has digital inputs, and despite what the website says it seems like the front 3.5mm jack on the Nuforce is not intended to be used for headphones.


I'm looking for some advice on any of these products, any products I might not have seen, or other suggestions on a setup for 2 small bookshelf speakers. I'm by no means an audiophile, I just want something to sound decent and not take up a tonne of space on my desk. As for my budget I would like to stay below $300 if possible.