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Please help me set up my sounds.

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Hi there this is my first post and I'm in need of some advice, I'm looking for some help to set up my sounds in my room. I used to just run everything through my mixer but due to changing cities recently I can't have my decks set up and I don't actually own a decent 4 channel DJ mixer. Also I don't need one at the minute.

This is my kit so far that I want to set up;


My speakers are (the old) Tannoy Reveal active studio monitors, they have no gain control at all.


My audio sources are:

MBP (preferably take the out from the USB as the headphone out is awful and unreliable)

Bluetooth Sound Receiver [for casual listening] (headphone out)

Numark vinyl deck

Basically, I want to switch between all three fairly seamlessly so if I want to slam some vinyl I can just flip a switch and I go to the vinyl. If I'm on my laptop at my desk I can take the USB out and hook up the speakers. If I'm watching movies in bed or listening to tunes whilst casually surfing I just flip to the bluetooth receiver. I've had trouble setting all this up in the past and it's made me consider selling my speakers for a passive set and getting a decent power amp that can handle it all. But I got the reveals for a steal and I really love them. There is a passive version but they're hard to come by now.

So essentially what I'm looking for is something that will allow me to have three inputs (min) which has DAC and a phono preamp (I think I'll need this for the vinyl, I've never actually plugged my deck straight into my active speakers but I imagine I'd need a preamp to boost the signal no?). I don't mind buying two units to allow for the phono preamp if need be. What would be really amazing would be something that allows me to control the volume on each channel individually so I don't need to adjust the volume all the time when switching.

My budget is £150-200. This has been doing my head in for weeks. I haven't listened to any of my vinyl and I've been struggling with my set up and that always triggers a bit of depression in me when I am to apathetic to have to deal with cables and turning things on and off and getting the right levels. I just want it all sat there set up (I know, I know, first world problems but I'm sure some of you understand).


Edit: Also having a switchable out to allow me to use headphones would be useful but not necessary.


Thank you in advance.

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I was thinking of picking up one of these for the phono stage, allowing me to record my vinyl too.


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Okay, after all that I think I found my own solution to my problems. 



I might go for one of these. In the past I've shied away from Behringer stuff because of their reputation but I've been hearing good stuff and some user reviews of the control say it keeps up with the Mackie Big Knob for half the price. 


Does anyone have any experience with the Behringer Control?

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