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Good insight. When I go out and try a new set of cans in the local store, I keep in my mind to listen for longer periods with different genres of music. Around 20-30 mins for each set. I think its also worth noting and keeping in perspective if the cans i'm auditioning were already burned in. I own B&2 P7 and i think they have a strong bass but compact nonetheless. In my opinion, the mids tend to roll off pretty quick as well. The fit is snug and although heavy, the leather cushion provides a really comfortable fit. I have heard really fantastic reviews of the NAD HP50, but i haven't tried it yet as I cant find a set here in the Philippines, so I can't really give out an opinion. Here's hoping it'd be available here soon.

There already is a seller of hp50 in Philippines: search and try techshop28. I already got one from them this xmas, for php12000.
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I like the NAD/B&W P7, can anyone contrast them in SQ/sound signature to a basic modded Fostex T50rp?

(or the Focal Spirit Professional)

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