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Why not try the Beyer t70p. It receives some mixed opinions thoug. I compared them several times with the NAD HP50.  HP50 was my favourite until I listen to classical music, specially violins. It sounded nothing like violins. On the other hand the t70p sounded as I expected instruments to sound, including fantastisk resolution. I have played the violin 45 years. It might also mean that my hearing abilities has worsened though :)


But comparing live sound with the one yhou get out of a pair of head phones are important if you want "fidelity". I you are able to visit a friend's home reccording studio - well, some few really have that, myself also - compare the live sound during recording with the monitoring sound into the head phones. Next, compare the final mix from the near field monitors with the head phones. If you can do this, you will probably be surprised with what these comparisons yields. To me, the HP50 coloured the sound to much for me, the t70p sounded much like the near-field loudspeakers. You wanted "neutral" sound. I think this is a revealing audition to do. This way you compare the live sund and the mixed down sound with what the head phones provides.


If you cannot make possible an audion like this, why not look around and find a recording studio and ask if you can make a visit. Probably they will say "yes" :)


Or you canask around here to find out impressions from a scenario like above.


Best of luck

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I've been listening to P7's daily at work for anywhere from 3-6 hours per workday for the past 6 months or so.  I really like them, though I think there is a break in the middle of the headband.  I have the BestBuy warranty on them, so I'm not concerned with this.  But I'm a tinkerer who likes new toys, so I just ordered a pair of HP50's.  I can't wait to try them out after everything I've read.

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I own too the P7

May I ask, what AMP DAC can you recommend that drive the P7 to its best performances?

Tube or regular & what brand ?

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I don't have much in the way of amps. Most of my listening has been through a Nuforce icon-ido. I have also used a Dragonfly and honestly I think the Dragonfly is a bit better. I have been very tempted to improve my source path but I haven't yet obviously.
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Thank U Randy
does the nuforce icon change the sound for the better of course ?
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It gives you slightly better bass and more volume over an iPhone 5S, in my opinion.  It's not a vast difference.

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I use Fiio e11 that give excelent performences my concern is that there will be no difference then the e11
im sure that amp / dac tube will make a difference in the sound but it makes the sound 'bright' as some ppl told me ..
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I wouldn't recommend the NuForce really.  I don't think it makes that big of a difference.  I'm interested in trying something more.  The main thing I like about the Icon-IDO is that it takes a digital input from iOS devices.  I'm very tempted to try some Schiit.  If I end up not keeping the HP50, I might use the money fora Valhalla instead.

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What about the new Sony PHA 2?
v'got great reviews from everywhere on the net
its portable amp and DAC
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I am thinking of replacing/updating my closed earphones from DENON AH-D2000 to HP50, so is it worth of doing it?

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Dunno the denon or the hp50 but i had the same hard time to chose between the hp50 and the B&W P7 there was no where to be found the hp50 headphones to hear so i went with the P7 and glad. They are simply amazing where ever you plug them in but as long as you aim for higher equipment they sound better and better
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Originally Posted by JanPro View Post

I am thinking of replacing/updating my closed earphones from DENON AH-D2000 to HP50, so is it worth of doing it?


FWIW, the Denon D600s are $150 (in-store only) at Best Buy / Magnolias


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Wow. Good deal! The nearest store that has any in stock is 45 minutes away. frown.gif
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Hoping Best Buy gets my HP50's in today.  They forecast Sunday, but I had them sent to the store near my office, so I won't get them till Tuesday. :(

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Originally Posted by GearMe View Post


FWIW, the Denon D600s are $150 (in-store only) at Best Buy / Magnolias


I just called the store by me that has them and they said the price is $338.  Different from that price and different from the 359 they have online.  I'm not interested for that price.  If they were $150 I would have tried them.

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