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Upgrade from HD 595?

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I want some new headphones for christmas. I currently have some Sennheiser HD 595's which have served me really well, but they are showing signs of their age and I would like an upgrade.

I use them with a Beresford DAC+Headphone amp - LINK

I have around £200 ($300) to spend, any recommendations?

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The HD 598 is a natural contender.  The Sony MDR MA 900 is also very good and very easy to drive.


Don't know your supporting equipment, but if it will drive DT 880 (250 Ohms or higher), Q 701 or possibly the HD 600, they should be considered.

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You could also upgrade your source component if possible.

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I am currently running: PC MoBo Optical > DAC/AMP > Headphones


Anything wrong with that?

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Probably not. Its more of a consideration how to spend your money most effectively. Sennheiser headphones are also very easy to repair/refurbish so keep that in mind too.

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