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budget IEM < $25..

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I need a good IEM for daily use.. Budget is <$25... need your help guys.. Im not that into booming bass.. but I need good mids as I mostly listen to softer stuff

The choices I boiled down to are

skullcandy ink'd 2

meelectronics m31

meelectronics m9

meelectronics m16
soundmagic pl21


brainwavz beta

Soundmagic ES18

Philips 3590/9700

any others?? please help
Lower the better, on a tight budget..


soundmagic and skullcandy are available locally, but meelec and vsonic has to be ordered in.. so original cost+shipping should be <$25


The main need is very good mids. kindly help guys..

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Sometimes you can get the Sony MH1C cheap on Amazon or wait for the holiday sales.

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