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Review: Westone um 10 Pro

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I'd like to thank Westone for the sample. I did my best to supply a neutral and comprehesive review as I could. Sorry for the lack in English competence as it ain't my natural language :)




Various dubstep songs, 24 bit vinyl rip flacs (Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra) and my Cd-rip bands (Orphaned Land, Hijazz) 
dac/amp: Audioengine D1
dap: Sansa Clip+
Tip: Standart Grey Tip, Silicone




FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 Hz - 16 kHz IMPEDANCE: 25 ohms @ 1 kHz PASSIVE NOISE ATTENUATION: 25 dB DRIVER: Balanced armature, full-range WEIGHT: 0.445 ounces/12.7 grams CABLE: EPIC Replaceable Cable CABLE LENGTH: 50”/128cm






Build Quality, Box, Cable, Jack, Y Split, Isolation, Fit and Microphonic Effect

- I did not alter this part much as the whole series is almost the same in workmanship.

- Perfect in every aspect. Over worked though not micro detailed. Everything is in the semi soft dark grey box. 
- As cable, it is the standart double helix black cable. As usual, its sturdy and does not seem to come apart unless you want it to. But the termination had changed into a Shure compatible extension. 
- As the jack, we can oberserve that semi soft material being used. A L type small jack it is. A tiny W emblem is engraved on. And this looks sturdy too unless you pry or something.

- Y split looks enough. And light as the cable. The W is here too. But the material quality is a lil' bit poor here (at least at mine)
- And drivers seem strong and solid. There are no empty spaces between them. (unlike Tdk ba200 or RedGiant A00) This improves their longevity. 

- There is no problem regarding isolation. Humming of the commune buses engine does not harm your listening and you can still audit it clearly at %60 volume level on Clip+
- No need to ask any questions about the fit :) This is a headphone that'd never come off your ear by itself. BTW, the semi hard plastic wrapping around the ears do a good job in here. However this one is fitting better (deeper, tighter) than um 30 and um3x. See, I am not counting um3x rival Ba200 here :) 
- There are no microphonic problems due to the inserting style in the ear.


So, let's begin :)



Lil' bit bright and mid + treble centered. Feels natural even the bright character you'll see. 

Quick and puchy but shallow basses here. They do not hit deeep as its brother does. Unless you're listening hiphop, rap, dubstep or drumn bass then you won't feel the lack of it.


Being a mid-centic IEM, it's easy to notice all the back vocals. E.g. While listening Hadouken's Parasite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJudxieYdKk  frontman and his support is at the front and everything behind. Or it's really possible to hear other members supporting Hetfield singing King Nothing. Or II, you can easily get awed as the opera singing starts at Il Divo singing Caruso  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ibPr2o38jQ. Other instruments which are in the mid band are easy to pinpoint and seperated one by one according to their real spacing.

You might be exposed to serious treble here! But I had seen much before, so thats not an issue; moreover, unless listening metal or trance then it's almost no problem. Do not mistook as a treble forward IEM, it's only in the blood of this. E.g King Nothing's trebles do not tire your ears. But well you'll notice it's weakness in metal while listening The Virginmarys -  Dressed to Kill'inde http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s49UZn1nZg

Stage, Instrument Seperation and Details.
Stage is a click or two feeling wider over the other models. But frankly not really wide in total. And you won't experience pinpointing unless its a 50 piece orchestra :) Seperetionwise its between excellent and good. Details scream their presence sometimes, whisper rarely, 

Amp Performance
Night and day difference didn't occured after plugging to amp. But MJ is absolutely shining now! All the instruments have spaces around them, a lively atmosphere you'll feel. Sinatra's scene gained a weightier touch and his voice + the blown instrument became harsher as he is finishing "the record shows I took the blows"... Sadly (or as expected) it's still weak at hiphop and other bass heavy genres. There is an empty background at these genres. You only only feel satisfied with that IEM and that genres after a tip change.



It's not an IEM to prat as it's bass is only symbolic ;)

Unless the record is bad, none most of the time. 

Being a single BA driver means reduction in some fields. But it turns this weakness into an advantage and becomes a shining diamond for  instrumental, classic, jazz, blues and other non-bass demanding genres. While 3 um 10s make 1 um 30 in terms of price, this is a good deal if you arent hiphop or headbanging type.

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Thanks for great review!

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Thanks for your reviews, i was looking for this !

Did you heard Shure SE215 ?  I was in doubt about what IEM to choose. SE215 or UM10 , but after reading your review i think SE215 would be better choice specially because it´s cheaper than UM10. What do you think?

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Single BA IEMs mostly sounds better when amped. So 215 vs UM10 depends of your DAP.

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Originally Posted by Berkovajazz View Post

Single BA IEMs mostly sounds better when amped. So 215 vs UM10 depends of your DAP.

But if considering the same DAP....

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Have any idea on how this fairs against the hifiman re400?

I'm really torn between those 2. The re400 having a tried, tested, and amazing (atleast in my opinion) sound quality. And the um10 pro possibly having a comparable sound quality and the addition of a removable cable.

What do u think?
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i think there's something wrong with the quality control of the um pro 10, i bought the red one a few months ago , and I have already sent it back to the local customer service center 3 times due the the driver popping out of place. WESTONE, if you are reading this, please do something about this, maybe put a little adhesive on the driver so that it sticks to the shell properly. Anyway, I'm happy with the quality of the sound, it is a perfect product for a beginner, provided that the issue of the driver popping out of place is fixed. BTW, fellow members of head-fi, do you guys know whether westone stick the drivers to the shell with adhesive or not?(clear shell in red ) why my friend's 4r doesn't have the same problem (solid black shell, not see through )? 

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These vs um1s, how much difference is there other than the colours and the cable?
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Great review, thanks

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Thanks for the detailed review. I am also considering the Dunu DN-1000 IEM's do you or anyone else know how they compare to the Westone UM 10 Pro? I am hoping to try them both out this weekend, but its nice to have info before I shop. Thanks

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güzel inceleme +rep  :)



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Originally Posted by touji666 View Post

Have any idea on how this fairs against the hifiman re400?

I'm really torn between those 2. The re400 having a tried, tested, and amazing (atleast in my opinion) sound quality. And the um10 pro possibly having a comparable sound quality and the addition of a removable cable.

What do u think?

I'm an Hifiman RE400 user, great sound (even better with comfort tips), easy to wear, but extremely poor cables. I'm at my third replacement set in 18 months. Just received a set of W.UM.Pro10, very nice detailed sound (I used the comfort foam tips), harder to wear (depends on your ear, may be fatiguing to sensitive ears, specially on the antihelix part), not a big on bass but same for Hifiman RE400, and done some reading, cable is not an issue at all, and can be easily replaced.

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I have a technical issue with those, pared with my FiiO X3 and amp. When I'm using my SMSL sAp-4s amp no sound problem, but if I use my cMoyBB v2.03, sound is totally different, voices are more on one side and back vocals on other side, have to lower the amp volume at 80% to avoid this difference. Tried same pairing with some older EIM and don't have this issue, is it because W.UM Pro 10 are balanced type?

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