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Ghosts is the worst cod ive played, The maps are way too big for only 6 a side Team death match is just boring I can never find any1 every1 just hides up, the spawns are awful just as I spawn and think this is a good spawn point quite corner at the back of the map im shot ion the back by a camper sitting in that corner whos been there the whole game before I can even move. The invinceable knife lunge is insane you can lunge a good 10m while being inmune to bullets. The lag again is horrid if you have a low ping to the host ur gonna end up 500 - 1000ms behind the game and shooting players who can teleport , sponge bullets and bend there bullets round 2corners gets tiresome very quickly, the lag wasn't that bad a few months ago I think the match making got broke in a recent update. MW3 was the last good cod my total time play time on that game was 32days. I play titanfall now its so much better than cod in everyway.

I haven't been playing for a while now - because of stuff like this I just don't have the urge to come back.

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More or less just agreeing with all those that hate Ghosts. Loved BO2 didn't car much for MW3. But I love to run n gun you know really actually enjoy playing not having a super high kd that doesn't mean crap if you got it by corner camping or sitting in the back of a map. I still play it occasionally (multiplayer that is) but I will say I absolutely love the extinction maps and storyline they're complete gold also the actual campaign was the best I've ever played in cod so I will give them that credit but a game that activily encourages camping is garbage in fact I'm not even getting the newest Advanced Warfare I am however stoked about the Destiny game coming out next month.
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I have enjoyed call of duty up until Mw3. Every cod before that i managed to rack up about 900 hours. Idk what it is but I just don't find them as enjoyable as the first ones. Blackops 1 and mw2 had to be my favorite. Cod ghost just doesn't feel like cod, maps are huge, game play is slow. Is anyone going to buy the next one?

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 Well I play on pc, and promod is on a whole different level gamewise. It is more esport than casual gaming, where teamwork is more important than the amount of kills smily_headphones1.gif


I've always been a pc gamer, never got into the consoles much. Cod4 was pretty much the end of the line for me, bops2 was ok, zombies was a blast for a short time. Without dedicated servers and mod tools they pretty much managed to kill the cod pc community on the newer versions. I still play a few rounds of hardcore search and destroy on broadcast in the morning couple times a week however.

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