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MW2 was probably the easiest CoD to do well in due to overpowered killstreaks. I had a 60-2 match on it, with a nuke waiting in the end. I ran Harrier, Pave Low, Chopper Gunner. If no one was smart enough to equip a stinger, it'd be curtains for them. Most matches were purely one sided. It was a race to see who got air superiority. The game was more about killstreaks than anything.
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Am I the only that played cod4 promod? Imo it is the best, since I do not like perks/killstreaks, + playing on competetive ladders 5v5 is so much fun smily_headphones1.gif
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Well I play on pc, and promod is on a whole different level gamewise. It is more esport than casual gaming, where teamwork is more important than the amount of kills smily_headphones1.gif
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I only play TDM and FFA, not domination. I went some games with over 50 kills (TDM), with everyone else having less than 10.
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Well done!

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The spawn sys needs work. I agree about bo2. Bo2 is my favorite cod.
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So apparently I have 11,700 kills on BLOPS for PS3, but 15,000 kills in Ghosts. I played BLOPS a LOT more than Ghosts... so I'm confused. I do have 19,000 kills in Blops for the 360, so that may be a part, but still... it's like half my gaming never registered on the PS3. I was STILL playing Blops right before Ghosts came out.

And my fave weapon IS...

Skorpion for life!
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I got 22,000 in ghosts. Im in the top 2 %. I had over 50,000 in bo2,but I play alot of domination. Easy to rack up kills.
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I play once or twice a week. Which is why I'm surprised to have 15,000, when I played BLOPS a lot more.

To be fair, those I've seen with a crtapton of kills are playing easy modes like Cranked, which keeps people from camping. I have 10,000 in TDM, 4,000 in FFA, and the rest in stuff like Kill Confirmed, some Domination, and whatever else.
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I never get alot of kills on cranked. I go like 15 and 8. I can drop 50 on domination no prob.
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Black ops. The CoD I dominated in almost in every match.
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Good stuff bro. The new maps come out for ghosts(ps4) Thursday. Can't wait. The map fog looks sick. You can call in mike Myers via care package.
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CoD is gonna take a backseat for awhile since I have so many rpgs to play in the coming months.
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So I started using the semi-auto attachment on my Assault Rifles (I have loved semi-auto weapons since the G3 in CoD4). I think I must have went around 10 straight games of TDM getting around 25+ kills and dying less than 4 times in each game.

The semi-auto attachment makes any, and every single assault rifle a two shot kill from medium to close range. For the tighter maps, I use it with the Honey Badger, and for long range, I use the Remington with a muzzle break for a considerably long 2 shot kill range. Yeah, the rate of fire sucks, but man... people drop like flies. You can easily pick up a whole team with one clip, whereas going full auto will definitely make you waste bullets and cause more reloads. I feel it's better than any of the Marksman rifles since you have the ability to use the VMR sight, which is such a boon for all ranges.

The only downside for me is that the Remington has a slow RoF and likes to jam up with I repeatedly press the trigger. You have to pace your button presses, because if you press it faster than the cycle of the bullets, the gun won't fire. This isn't an issue with the Honey Badger, though the 2 shot kill range for the Badger is quite a bit shorter, but at least it's silent. I guess the ARX160 would be a good choice due to it's fast RoF, but I don't like the laser sight which gives your position away too much.
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