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The Call of Duty Thread. (Everything CoD)

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Thought I'd start the thread, so we don't go off topic elsewhere, and since there isn't that many CoD gamers on this site, thought we'd just have one massive thread to discuss all things Call of Duty...

Here is one of my ghosts gameplay vids...

Here is my soundwhoring perk setup for the recently released CoD: Ghosts. Ghosts brings CoD back to give a huge advantage to headphone gamers.

I have 3 main perks which I'll never give up. The last few are interchangeable depending on weapon...

1. Dead Silence: Every headphone gamer should be using this. Allows your footsteps to NOT be loud and drown out other noises. they still aren't completely silent though, other than to enemies without Amplify. Ghosts has amazing positional cues, so being silent, and allowing you to hear everyone else is a must.

2. Amplify: Really makes it ridiculously easy to hear enemy footsteps, unless they use Dead Silence, which will then make enemy footsteps sound like normal footsteps, which is still good enough for us headphone gamers.

3. Sleight of Hand: Fast reload is always a must, especially since most of us probably don't use a pistol, to unlock more perk space. Reloading fast is always better than switching to a secondary gun that isn't a pistol (unless you have a slow reloading SMG like the LSAT, or Shotgun that reloads shell to shell.)

4. Scavenger: I use this, because I like sticking to the gun I have equipped. If you're fine picking up other weapons, you don't need this. It's one of my staples, but I it isn't necessary overall.

5. Quick Draw: Aiming faster is very helpful. In place of this you can use...

6. Stalker: Allows you to basically aim and move as fast as your normal non-aiming walk. This is a must for those who like to pre-aim before passing a corner. My problem is that I walk so fast, it throws off my aim, so I prefer using Quick Draw in it's place. I hip fire the first few shots as I'm aiming in, and Quick Draw does the rest. For others, Stalker is probably more effective than Quick Draw. not for me though.

7. Focus: Allows your aimed weapon not to sway as much. If you're someone who tends to hard aim for a prolonged period of time, this can be helpful. However, I tend to aim quickly and shoot, so i don't see much use personally. the second effect is to not flinch when you're shot at, but more often than not, if you're already getting shot, you're probably already dead.

Because we're using Dead Silence, i really don't find much of a reason to use the perks that make you invisible to radar, etc. Chances are, we'll be moving away from where we were pinged, and if someone sees you, the vast majority of the time, you'll hear them coming thanks to DS and Amplify. My kryptonite in this game is those with the tracker finder sight. That sight is pretty overpowered for long range weapons, but I don't personally use it since it seems to recoil a bit more than an RDS, and I don't like that it blurs off everything but the main sight view when aiming. I couldn't use it well. I'll always be an RDS or irons guy, depending on gun. For Ghosts, I tend to use irons, since I've been saving my attachment space for Grip, Rapid Fire, and Muzzle Break.

That's how I've been playing and being incredibly brutal. Once I unlocked Dead Silence and Amplify, I went from a 1.63 to a 3.35 k/d or so. My overall right know is 2.32 or so and climbing. I have been cleaning house mostly thanks to these soundwhoring perks

I have also been noticing that the other people that dominate the field with me have also been using DS and Amp. Goes to show what a distinct advantage soundwhoring is in this game.
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nicely done sir. You should try out focus, I was of the mindset you were until I tried it. It does give you a fighting chance if you dont shoot first. 

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Very nice, I'll have to try those perks out when I get my new 558's tonight. So far I've been primarily using the stealth class of perks, but despite not showing up on UAV or the enemy's Oracle, I still get worked pretty hard not being able to hear folks coming all that well.


I do love me some Dead Silence, though I'm a bit bummed out that it doesn't make you 100% silent. I can still hear myself walking with the perk so I'm betting others can as well.

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You can hear yourself, but they can't hear you, unless they have Amplify. Tested it with a friend. I'm starting to think I should swap out Amplify for something better, since I can still hear those without Dead Silence. Most people run without dead Silence anyways. rarely do i get someone with both perks on.
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Here's a quick killing spree clip from gameplay on the Xbox One, I've got a few full games on my channel too.


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My best class.
Ak12 silencer and extended mags
Perks.....stalker,focus,fully loaded,amplify and sleight of hand.
Sentry gun, battlehind and hello pilot.
This is an all around great class for running solo and taking on parties. Wish cod would bring back mercenary mode.
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I'm one of those people who plays Black Ops II on PS3. I suck; my K/D = 0.79. :(


But Amplify is very useful to me; my Turtle Beach Z2 needs all the help it can get! :(

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Bought Ghost and played it for a while and then bought BO2.. I can't play Ghost no more..The PC version of Ghost is painful. Looking forward to Titanfall.


Any of you guys try in ears instead of headphones? You would be surprised how good earphones are when playing.. I use my Fidelio S2. Amazing SQ for gaming about as perfect as it is going to get actually.

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No earphones I've ever used matches headphones for me.

Anyways, currently loving the Remington with VMR sight and muzzle break. Very long range weapon with a lot of accuracy. I basically anti snipe with this weapon. I used to do the same with the M27-IAR, but I'm traying to stay away from that gun for awhile. It was my crutch.

I really wish the Marksman rifles had the VMR sight option. I'd be using the MR28 aaaaall the time.
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The Remington is beast. I use it with rds and extended clips. I run extended clips on everything. The m27 air is nasty too.
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Is Ghost really that bad? I'm still debating whether or not I should get it.


I might make a new Playstation Network account. My CoD account sucks.


What is the best attachment for the MSMC (in Black Ops II) for rush/stealth combo?

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I really like ghosts. Most people c.omplain about the map size. That doesnt bother me. Its the same cod gameplay. As far the msmc, I always ran it with ex mags and a foregrip.
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As for stealth, swap ex mags with a suppressor.
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Ghosts isn't terrible. It takes getting used to, as the maps are huge in comparison to the old games, and very cluttered. This is usually one surefire way to make me hate the game, but I've been enjoying it. To me, it's not the worst CoD since the boom of CoD4. To me, that belongs to MW3. Styill, there are some bull**** maps in Ghosts, and the game is very camper friendly due to so many hiding spots and the sheer size of some maps.

Ghosts has a spectacular single player campaign which is more varied than any other CoD. You're always doing new things on it. It was probably my fave since CoD4.

The other issues with Ghosts is the spawn system (it really is horrible), and the lack of balance in terms of perks and weapons. Some weapons are almost useless. You're bound to find the same weapons being used by everyone, because there is a clear advantage and benefits to certain guns (i.e. AK12 is powerful AND accurate.)

I'd say if you're going new gen, may as well get Ghosts if you're a CoD fan. It's faulty, but so was every othger CoD.

I actually prefer it to BLOPSII, though I'm in the minority. The hit lag and maps were horrible for me in BLOPSII.

One good thing about Ghosts is the killstreaks. They're very well balanced, and never overpowered. They're also not as hard to get as in BLOPSII. I get high killstreaks all the time in Ghosts, and I never feel overpowered when using them.

Always have an anti-killstreak class ready. LMG+fmj+blind eye. You'll take out air streaks in a hurry, as well as Maniacs, and stuff like turrets. The exception is the Gryphon. The Gryphon is probably the best killstreak to get as it's fully controllable, and very hard to shoot down because it's so small and maneuverable. The gryphon's missiles only 1 shot enemies if it's near direct hits, and 2 shot or more if you try to kill with splash damage. That usually gives them a chance to run away. A good player will get many kills with it though. wink.gif Usually enough kills to give me the Loki satellite. The Loki satellite is very powerful killstreak, but it's 15 kills, so you won't see it that much. It has missiles for one shotting, 2 care packages (if they're fast enough to drop them), and an automated juggernaut (which gets a ton of kills). If someone gets a Loki, you're probably in trouble. The Loki isn't super easy to control and shoot missilkes, as it's a zoomed in/top down view and you're limited in what you see on screen. But if enemies are nearby, you'll rack up some good kills with the small/large missiles (think AC130 for the large missile).
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My favorites were COD4 and MW2.
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