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I would like some recommendations on over ear headphones with rotating cups in the $200 price range. I think closed cup would be best suited for me as I would wear them at work or while at the gym. I want rotating cups so when I ride bike I can listen to them from my shoulders, as I want to be aware of vehicles around me. I really want the rotating cups so that when I gof or a bike ride I can just listen to them on my shoulders so I can also be aware of traffic. Currently I have a pair of the Sony MDR-X10's. I don't hate them by any means, but sometimes they can seem a bit muffled and the quality can tend to drop when a lot of sounds are going on at once. My major complaint with them would be that after a while my ears get sore from the, but I suppose that's to expect with on ear headphones.

If musical preference is of any use, I mostly listen to metal and rock. Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

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