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For Sale: Aurisonics AS-2

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For Sale:
Aurisonics AS-2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling these Aurisonic AS-2 in perfect condition with no issues in order to make room for an Ultimate Ears ciem future purchase. Comes with all original accessories (hardcase, cleaning tool, bass adjustment tool and warranty card). Selling this along with the matching Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 cable in my other add.  


These are custom in-ear monitors.  Please don't post saying these can't be reshelled.  Yes, there's a high probably that these can't, but that doesn't mean impossible.  Hence, my selling at loss price.


For size reference, I wear a large in UE and most universal tips.  I don't recommend it, but you could file down the shell and canal to make it fit, or use foam wraps.


Price is all inclusive for CONUS members (includes PayPal fees and CONUS shipping).  International members, please add 3% for any currency conversion fee and $40 for EMS shipping (includes insurance and point to point tracking).

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$299 would be a low but fair price even IF they could be easily reshelled...

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