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Hi.  You guys are quite smart.  After searching past posts I cant seem to find out how to tag songs in a mac.  Im not using iTunes to rip CDs.  Rather, Ive been ripping DVD-A discs using the app DVD Audio Extractor.  But once the music has been ripped from the disc (into FLAC's; the X3 does not like their flavor of ALACs. The player chokes), I have the files with track title names but no artwork. 




1) How do I add metadata to each audio file (FLACs and ALACs) to include graphics?  Mac person here...


2) Can each track in a folder have its own unique graphic?  Is the size 240x240?  What is the DPI?  I ask this because the source DVD-A disc has a bunch of artwork on it and I'd love to tag each track with its own unique graphic. 


3) Does each track in an album's folder need to begin with "01/02/03..." lest the songs get listed alphabetically?


3a) Why for that matter do some of my albums actually start with the last track then go to track 02/03/04... and end with track 01?


I appreciate your help. If there's an existing document or video clip to view I'd sure appreciate it.  Thanks!