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Phono for V-Moda m80s

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Hey guys, so I've searched and can't seem to find another thread about this, so if there's a thread I would like to be pointed in the right direction!


I'm looking for a stereo phono for the m80s.  I'm talking about the end that plugs into the ear cup.  Now if you've never seen it, it's VERY small in girth since the earcup's jack is recessed a few millimeters; I know a few other headphones require these type of phono ends too.  So, 3.5mm stereo phono with a housing diameter that's only slightly larger than the 3.5mm prong.  I'm also thinking that I can use a regular-sized connector, but excluding the sleeve (using resin and/or heat shrink instead...I've never done this, and could use any tips if you've experience with this method).  The headphones that this is going on isn't mine, and I'm doing it as a favor for a buddy (not for money if that matters...I think that may break the rules), and I don't have the headphones in my possession this very second to disassemble; I'm thinking that as a last resort I can remove the internal phono jack within the earcup, and wire the new cable in directly without any phono termination (any thoughts on this?).


This question feels very amateurish, and I can make great cables (imo) that look beautiful with perfect solder jobs, but this termination is a very significant barrier in my planning.  Anyway, thanks for any help in advance!


Here's a picture of the jack.  Credit of the picture: www.ufunk.net (no photographer credited on the site).


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I can't say for sure this will work but:




Aphenol 3.55mm plugs are GREAT and they are the slimmest i've found.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks! I should've updated this, but this is actually the plug I went with and it worked great!
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