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For Sale: Fallen Angel Beta 22 4 channel

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For Sale:
Fallen Angel Beta 22 4 channel

Will Ship To: Anywhere



The beta 22 is currently in reparation, the voltage will be set to 220v.


This Beta 22 was build by Fallen Angel and it's a very high quality Beta 22.


"My Beta 22 was built by Fallen Angel and is fully decked out...the most complete, no-holds-barred build I've ever seen.


- Dual-3 pin balanced XLR headphone jacks

- The above also double as dual 1/4 TRS single-ended headphone jacks

- 4-pin XLR balanced headphone jack

- Switchable balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs

- Speaker taps (according to Fallen Angel, this build will put about 50W into 8 Ohm speakers)

- Dual Sigma 22 power supplies

- Drop-dead gorgeous two-enclosure build

- LED backlit power button and volume knob (nicely done, not blindingly bright)

- DACT stepped attenuator

- All wiring is Jena Ultrawire (see details below)


From Fallen Angel's description:



2 clear anodized Par-Metal chassis
4 custom FrontPanelExpress 6mm panels on front/rear of amp and PSU
Amplifiers running in dual-mono configuration with separate everything - from transformers, to power supplies, to cables, to everything.
The power supply is made of 2 Sigma22 running off a pair of 225VA Plitron transformers, enough for speakers and headphones.
DACT Stepped Attenuator
Vishay/Dale resistors
Nichicon UHE/UPW PSU caps - some of best in class. Most "audiophile" caps in high-quality power supply do more damage than good.
All components hand-matched for ultimate precision

XLR Balanced and RCA Unbalanced input
4-pin XLR balanced output
3-pin XLR balanced output
2x 1/4" TRS unbalanced output

As I'm a cable lover, all of the wiring is Jena Ultrawire (with minimal exceptions in PSU)!

Beta22 Internal - All signal - 22awg Jena, speaker output 2x 18awg Jena, power wiring is Jena power wire."

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Is Pavel willing to repair this for a US/CA buyer, I assume you didn't post it over to him due to Shipping costs?

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I don't know the Pavel. But the shipping fee roundtrip to France + repair will be important.

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I have found a nice person that can repare it and moreover convert the US voltage to EU voltage. 

I wait for potential buyer as damaged Beta 22 before send them for repair.


Repaired I will sell for more than 2000 euros.

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Pavel is the builder: FallenAngel.

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I don't even know.

Poor amp.

Where you willing to ship?

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Could you sell the amp without the Sigma 22?

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Hello, no sorry.

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