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Hi, really hope this is the right forum, very sorry if it's not!


I got a pair of k-452s yesterday and, although I'm still burning them in, I like them even now. They're light, comfy and slightly warm, or 'relaxed'-sounding, so they're ideal for wearing at night/falling asleep to, which is all that I wanted them for - I have other headphones for more serious, detailed listening and IEMS for going out and about. The only problem is with the hinges; when I lift them off my head, I keep snagging odd strands of hair and it's really annoying when I'm calm and half-asleep, to suddenly be woken up again... it really defeats the point of having them.


I'm also not bothered about their ability to fold. I'm probably not going to take them anywhere, and I can also see that folding them is going to damage the wiring in the end, since it runs through the hinges. So I was wondering - do you have any suggestions of a fairly permanent fix I could use to cover over the hinge and the slider on each side, to stop hair getting trapped, please? I considered trying some sort of tape, but I imagine it could end up looking tatty quite quickly. Maybe I could make some kind of pleather sleeve and glue it on each side?