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shortening HD600 cable

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I just picked up an HD650 cable for my 600's and i'm wondering if it would be possible to shorten it. Like cut the end off and solder a new plug on. If so what brand of plug would be best to use and is there anything i should be aware of while doing this that might cause audio quality issues, Such as type of solder ext ext. 


Also could someone shed some light on soldering the plug on the cable. Like which wire get's soldered where. Positive negative EXT EXT. (I have never done this before, But i would really like to learn)




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You could try your own but for your first time, emmm well, it has to be always a first time.


In any case: there's a thread dedicated to those question. Post it here


Try searching, you're not the first one asking the same question.



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Wow, I did not even see the DIY cable thread. Sorry about that.


Thanks a lot

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